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Missives that resulted.

Since when do wandering packs of undead call attention. Idaris has plenty of them, as does Rathkeal. As long as they are not endangering the fun of others let them be..

Lamia De La Croix
Priestess of Min
Since forever. Seriously.

+ 1 day.

- Slaader
There have been wander packs of undead varying in size at every gathering
I have been to for at least the past 6 years. Most people don't seem to
mind much.

Sir Dark
Knight of the Steward
Knight of Blackwood
Viscount of Idaris
Warlord of Chaos
I guess it all depends on your perspective.

Sea serpents around Mythguard isle: Not noteworthy
Sea serpents around Chimeron castle: Cause for concern.

-Squire Cain
Priestess Lamia,

If these happen to be your undead, please come and claim them. Likewise Emperor Artex and anyone else who may have accidentally let their undead out. Undead found in Eagle's Rook, wandering or otherwise, will be put to the torch if not collected and removed before we get to them.
Let them be indeed....

Sir Vawn of Eagle's Rook
Sir Vawn,
Most undead of the nations wear the hearldry and colors of that nation, please check before slaughter. As I stated "As long as they are not endangering the fun of others let them be." IF they endanger your life and by extention of that your fun, you may have my blessings...

Lamia De La Croix
Priestess Of Min
Can we get the Good Guy Congress to VETO this don't ask don't tell policy regarding undead? I can see it now. Excuse me Mr. Vampire? Yes I'm going to need to see some papers. Oh you have a Thorne Valley tabard? Well come on in!

Guardian Slaader
why not ?
that has been Creathorne's Policy for some time now.
the needing to see documentation and the like

Sir Jr'eth
Just so am l clear Guardian...

IF you are living and causing harm to others you should be left in peace and allowed to harm as many as you want, but if you are undead, and letting people be you should be slaughtered.

By the logic of killing based solely on you life/undead staus you open a door that means kill, maime, slaughter all you want, just not undead or we kill you.

I have had dealings with many types and the only ones who have as a group ever protected me were the undead, and i was neither undead nor a necromancer at the time. By contrast the groups that have hunted and killed me on multiple occassions have been living. The kill all undead concept by historical evidence means you want the living to be killed based on my experince. That is why I say that we should not target all the undead. just those who are causing harm.

Would it be fair if I saw packs of the living pillageing villages and then said all the living who are found should be killed. I dare say that you and others would ask to have me brought up on charges.

I also ask what you would do to those who had to become undead to save all their friends, they sacfifice them selves and as a payment you would have them slaughtered?

If an undead saved you life would you kill them as you came to?

Please remember that in all of this I am not saying to not kill, but merely only kill those who endanger others whether they are living or not.

Let's remember for a moment that Zermarx can control
undead fully and completely, and those powers extend
to some of his generals as well.

We had undead fighting alongside us last night against
Zermarx's minions, I don't begrudge them their
condition. But if you'd like to continue to whine
about the cold indifference of the living towards the
undead, by all means, let your writing desk serve as a
font of angst.

And by way of news from the front, as of 9-3-1006:

Rhiassa is completely overrun with Zermarxs troops.

Eagles Rook is in flames, and overrun.

Adaris is overrun, the latent powers of that land work
against us in ways that will not allow us to directly
confront Zermarxs forces without more manpower. (written by Sir Elwick of Tuath Fasach)
Mistress Lamia,
I get where you're coming from.
D'you have any right notion how long it took the average pinkskin hero to accept my Clan as a legitimate nation and not a threat to their way of life? It took an attempted power-grab against us, a world war war, a national renaming, and even now I still have to make sure that all my people who attend a gathering are painted to look like pinkskins - not that they don't know we're orcs, but it saves the initial - it's Green, Jump It - response that still kicks around from time to time. Trust me, I get the argument against categorical profiling. What's more I even understand the Segregationalist doctrine that's so popular too - "an undead in Rathkeale is fine, an undead across the water in Gwethlin isn't." Part of me still wonders if that's the reason that our trade network of portal altars meets with such resistance even with our allies - we've been trying for years to get one set up and it always comes down to people not feeling safe.

Different nearby = not safe. It's a basic mammal survival instinct - most of them couldn't even tell you why. Please, give these folks a break. While people are pretty uncomfortable having Orc neighbors, adding undeath brings up issues of Religion, the nature of the crime of murder "if it's already dead can it be killed" etc... plus, forgive me for being so crass, but if only we Living were reanimated with such ease as the undead traditionally are. Like trolls, half of you get up on your own no matter what's been done to you anyway. It doesn't excuse the prejudice, but it does lower the stakes a touch.

To the point of this letter, If you would like to continue this conversation further, I suggest a meeting of the minds at the upcoming gathering on the 8th of September, Anywhere but Fae, as that's no place to have a quiet sit-down at the moment. Emperor Artex, a ranking member of Grimloch, Sir Vawn, this debate could prove fruitful if all sides of it were present and willing to have an unarmed chat over some bathtub hooch. Think about it, and I'll see you there.
Bonechewer Warchief.
somewhat pinker now for all the Angellic intercession.
this debate could prove fruitful if all sides of it were present and willing to have an unarmed chat over some bathtub hooch.

Best idea I've heard this entire discussion.

Look, every few years (or even every year) this discussion comes up: the right for the free-willed undead to be allowed to live freely without being harassed much in the way that your average rampaging zombie horde gets put down. Usually this pops up whenever some greater villian decides to start controlling 'lesser' undead, to the detriment of their friends and allies.

This is no different than some great werewolf controlling all other werewolves, or pick whatever race you like. It just seems to happen to the undead the most often.

If a a peaceable solution to this problem would present itself during one of the hooch talks, I'd be interested in hearing it.

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