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Missives that resulted.


I've heard rumors from Ellemire that worry me. Did you make it safely from the city? Is your prisoner secure?

Atticus the Red
Slaader, and the other, have managed to slip from custody in Elemirre.
Anyone seeing Slaader should contact me immediately.
Do not approach him if you can help it. Please do not kill him if you can help it. DO NOT scalp him. Period.
I will continue my search and keep anyone interested as well informed as I can.
Thank you.
---Dame Twenaria of Elemirre
Good people of the Realms,

During the battles this weekend with the Armies or Zermarx, Guardian Slaader of the Free Kingdoms became possessed somehow by a demon called "Darksoul". I myself saw him in this state, and found it quite unsettling. Others will know far more than I of the causes.

He was escorted away from the war parties of the Realms by Gryffin Darkwillow, who intended to return him as a prisoner, to the City of Valor, which I believe is connected to Slaader's Church. I heard some disturbing rumors on my way to Pax Tharkus, that suggested this delivery did not go as planned.

I have received word from Gryffin. It appears that Darksoul was able to trick the people of Valor. I hope that the heroes of Ellemire (of which Valor is a part) and of the Slaader's nation, the Free Kingdoms, will receive this missive, and have a better idea than I of what to do next. It seems another great danger has been unleashed upon the Realms, and he has a stronghold of Justice to defend himself.

Atticus the Red
As previously stated, the search for my brother is well underway. He is no longer in Valor. He does not have a stronghold. He is on the run.
If he is seen, please let me know ASAP.
Thank you
---Dame Twenaria
Dame Twenaria,

Thank you for filling in the blanks in my limited knowledge of the situation. It appears that my previous missive crossed paths with yours, and as soon as I received it I was relieved. If I learn anything further, I will let you know.

Thank you,
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