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Missives that resulted.

Twen and I investigated the last one in Dunn Glen. By the time we arrived, no one was left. But, the town was still there and so was the carnival. It was like a ghost town. In the town center, there was a pool of blood and something written in blood that I cannot decipher... I'd be willing to send a copy to anyone who thinks they can read it.

We investigated the faire and occasionally heard children screaming (Joy? Pain? we couldn't really tell) There was also this REALLY annoying pipe organ that was playing in the distance. We camped out that evening within sight of the tents. Apparently, we both fell asleep at some point. In the morning, the town, carnival and EVERYTHING was gone. When I say everything, I mean buildings, tents, stone walls... anything manmade...

I think the general populace should be warned away from these locations and told to flee to their local lord for help. I'm not sure but our belief is a certain overgrown garden implement is responsible for these abductions(?).

-In Service
Sir Veros
That Guy
Stay away? I'm wondering how to book these guys! I can think of a few areas that still need cleaning up....

Lord Artex of Rathkeale

As an addittion to what Veros said:
we can warn the people all we want. I expect that unless the villagers fle, they wont have much choice in what happens. Something tells me that thsi Carnival isnt going to ask the mayor if they can set up.... call me crazy. And in case you all didnt guess, Veros and I are pretty sure this is connected to Wrake, and possibly to Ghal as well. If anyone does any checking up on this, let us know, please.
I have a little more information that I may be able to add to this
mystery. Please contact me privatly if anyone is interested.
Lord Sir Frederick of Fairhaven
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