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On the Chosen of Elistraee

Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: unknown
Date: unknown
Transcribed by: Jeyde Thunderwalker
On the Chosen of Elistraee

Much can be said of these creatures. Unlike our own dear Queen, the Sword-Child is not as selective as to who may worship her. Very often, she finds mortals that share her goals...such foolish things as they are. Not always of the faerie kind, she has chosen humans and half-breeds in the past and may do so again.

A chosen has limited abilities compared to our own priestesses and Chosen, but do not underestimate them. In doing so lies the potential for failure. Always know your enemy, know what they are capable of and use that knowledge to manipulate them.

Once inducted into the ranks, a chosen of Elistraee can see the soul-spiders placed upon targets. This ability allows them to discover who our unwitting spies are and eliminate them. As the chosen grows in power, they can bless weapons that can harm even the most stalwart of the Spider-Queen's children. The greatest attunement that we are currently aware of is that these chosen can sense where our magics are great, such as in opening a portal to the surface. As you can imagine, this puts a bit of a damper on raiding.

To our knowledge, none of the current chosen have achieved past first attunement.

Fortunately, most chosen are easy to control. They are almost always willing to hand themselves over if that means other surface dwellers will survive unharmed. It's almost as if they prefer being martyrs! Keep this in mind when you finally destroy them. Death should come slowly, after the spirit has been weakened. Remember that a torturous death does wonders at keeping others in line.

Alternatively, discover early on if the chosen is going to more of a problem that their death is worth. Kill those early and quietly.

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