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1004 - Mythguard, DDB-style

Type of Missve: personal correspondence
Date: 12/29/1004
Responses: no
Well met Aberes,

No worries for I am no knight. Although I probably
could be a knight in a small lesser known knighthood
in my opinion to be perfectly honest I do not have the
makings of a knight. So simply Davner is more than
fine. Iím not sure how much you want so Iíll just
babble and give you a good amount.

I reign from the land that is known as Mythguard.
Straightforward these are not good times for
Mythguard, yet we will remain strong against all
adversity. It is a small island in the south east of
the area known as the Realms. At the moment it
appears as if we are in the midst of a threat being
forged at the hands of one known as the Erl King. I
would wager a good amount of brew that youíve already
heard of him or his following in your travels as short
as they might be.

There isnít much to know about our island. There are
only a few of us who currently live there and we donít
believe in peasants or serfs. We ... well I work
small gardens and have been known to dabble in magics
to put food on the table as well. For the most part
we train our talents and make sure that we have the
island defended from our foes. Without many people it
is hard to keep an entire island properly maintained.

At the moment our number is very small yet we remain
quite the diverse nation. An Elven Lord from
Rivendale, Avendar has never faltered and sticks
firmly to his beliefs at all times. Without a doubt
he remains the backbone of what remains. A catling
Higer who I am sure youíve met in travels as he is
often found wherever danger is. Despite his cold
exterior he does mean well and is an ally to more than
he... or others like to admit. Speaking of cold
exteriors thereís also Khol who is much like Higer.
Cold exterior that covers an individual capable of
great good. Both Higer and Khol are the most loyal of
subjects Iíve ever witnessed. We have a fae Velvet.
Like you sheís pretty young. A little past one for
sure yet still a child at heart. She is high strung
and caught on the wrong... week could prove
interesting. Ah growing up! Johanthanalas de la var
or Johan for short is if nothing else passionate about
what he does. A true man of conviction. Side note,
if youíre looking for a good pair of hands in the
kitchen Johanís your man. There are others like Lyra,
Draco, Thon, Liselle, Doran, and Chan who travel and
break bread with us as members.

Many on Mythguard give worship to the god Vandor.
God of Protection and of Vengeance. Vandor is not the
sole voice of Mythguard however so I am moving off the
topic. Theology was not the discussion you were
seeking. But even including those who donít worship
Vandor, there is a common thread to be found by us.
Mythguard is a very straight forward nation. We see a
problem, we learn about a problem, we eliminate the
problem. We do not tolerate evil. We will not back
down from bullies and we will protect the weak. We
will do whatever it takes to achieve our goal, but do
not mistake this for ruthlessness or evil.

What I have given you is knowledge that many know. I
may have embellished my nation, but I can only hope
you see that as pride and not arrogance. I have
given, and now I ask you to do the same. Friend? Foe?
It is possible I have seen you in my travels but
unfortunately with exception to some travels I have
made within the Borderlands whenever I leave Mythguard
it is usually under dire circumstances. I am not good
with names, especially when on the field of battle so
if I have met you and I believe I have, I apologize.
But where do you come from Aberes? I donít wish to
know for any project or greater reason, but I am

In service,


Of Mythguard
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