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Master Xenoth Lithros

As much as I did not want to get involved with the Hidden Order or the battle with Wrake and his many foes, I did wish to protect my then lover, and soon husband from whatever threats I could. I have experienced different things from the war than others who were at the front line, and, for both history's sake and in the hopes others might come forth and add to it, I'll write about this creature now. - Dame Jeyde IceBreaker Thunderwalker, Tuath Fasach.
On December 12th, 1002, a visitor came to me, a messenger. It was heavily clothed, so much that not an inch of their skin could be seen. Neither race nor gender could be determined, as the being made no noise before departing. The letter read thusly:

Dearest Jeyde ThunderWalker -

The location of this pantheon is within the river bordering the fallen mountain. We are still in the process of setting foundations for the structure. I have not met your grandfather, for I have just recently traveled this far west in the realms, although it would be an honor to meet you as you may be able to travel here easier, with Lunataris as a point to rest.

We have only received word from a Priestess of Eris thus far, and need more support should we be able to correctly erect monuments for each God and Goddess.

I must admit I know little of the various deities and would appreciate education in the practices and beliefs of their followers.
Rowanam and the Beast are certainly welcome here, as are any.

If you are unable to visit presently, we would appreciate provisions to aid us through this coming season.

~Master Xenoth Lithros~

On follow-up this year with Gryf, he mentioned this in passing: Xenoth was part of the 'bad guys' helping Wrake, but then again he wasn't. The reason why Xenoth served Wrake was because he was thoroughly Tainted (beyond any help from Kathrani). In the end, he sort of regained himself and turned traitor, passing Gryf vital information that assisted in Rein's downfall. Xenoth hasn't been seen since, and the then Mountain of Power has turned into a Tainted Crater. Xenoth was supposedly residing in Blood Falls as part of Wrake's 'menagerie'. "Wrake may have discovered his betrayal for all I know...but the last time I saw him was just before we began the march on her[Rein's] temple."
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