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more notes by Cimone

Author: Cimone
Date: 1007
while the information provided by cain is a useful record of some of the workings behind lein and obligation, it does not discuss what it actually is.

lein and obligation is very similar to exchanging of favors, and viewing it in that light may assist in a better understanding of it. when one party does a favor for another, either by willingly filling a request made, having a good or service willingly accepted, or being thanked for and item or action, they may place the other party into lein and obligation usually by stating, "I accept your Lein and Obligation". this means that the second party owes them a favor of equal value to whatever they did to invoke it. three things need to be considered when determining the value of a favor. The value of the item or service to the original receiver, the difficulty and effort on the part of the original giver, and comparative ranks of the two parties. In regards to the first two factors - if the two parties involved are of similar rank, then the favor asked for in return should be equal to at least one of those two factors. it may be greater than the other, although I feel it to be polite to do ones best to match both, but at least in one of those two factors should be equivalent. holders of lein and obligation may attempt to heighten what these factors are viewed as in an attempt to get more out of their return favor, and I know not how fae deals with settling whether or not something is equal - however, as it is based off belief, refusing to be swayed by such claims and having others view the level of the favor may keep such tactics from working. on the third factor, as mentioned above - the favor should be equivalent in the case of equal status or ranking of the individuals involved. difference in rank changes the value of the favor which can be claimed. If one of the dukes or duchesses of fae, for example, were to do a favor for an unranked fighter they would be able to claim a much larger favor in return because of the difference in rank.
another possible use of lein and obligation is to bind an agreement between two different parties. for example, someone might agree to provide a specifically crafted weapon to another if, in exchange, the other person agrees to deal with a monster which has been plaguing the weapon smith. In this case, both favors are agreed to in advance by both parties, and Fae simply insures that both parties keep to their agreement. as both parties agreed to the terms in advanced when it is used in such a way, claiming that the favors are unbalanced should not prevent it.

Lein and obligation may be called whenever one of the people involved is fae. Fae may call it on anyone, and anyone may call it upon a fae. So far as I am aware, the location it is called, or called in, is irrelevant - although the calling in of it may function better within the realm of Fae itself.

those that are interested in the history of how it came to be, and similar topics might consider asking King Cuchulain or another who would have first hand knowledge of how it came to be. sufficed to say, it has become one of the intrinsic laws of Fae.

on the subject of what may remove it - an unbalanced request will not be enforced, but I am unsure whether or not the owed lein and obligation will be used by it. i don't believe so but have no information one way or the other.
It also resets when a fae cycles, in both directions. so if you are owed a favor from a goblin who is killed and cycles, when it returned as a new fae it would no longer owe you that favor.

another comment that you may hear made in regards to lein and obligation is an indication that and offered item or action is free of it. an elf offering a map he no longer needs, "free of lein and obligation (of course)". this is usually stated when an offer is made that lein and obligation could be applied to, but it can be used in place of and acceptance of such to indicate that it would have been possible to claim it, but they have decided not to.

note: any wishing to rescribe my observations on the subject, either to include in another document or to create a more informative document of its own out of it, are welcome to. I do not claim to be skilled with words myself. I would prefer to be noted as having provided information should they do so, as I wish others to know that I am willing to provide information on the subject should they be confused by it.

Captain Cimone of the Azure Guard
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