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From Pyr to Zeek...(Statues)

Type of Missve: personal correspondance between Sir Pyr Thalax and Zeek McKrye
Date: unknown, before 1000
Responses: unknown
Unto Zeek,

The war we are waging against the evil Queen Jen has been long but successful. I am well, but the length of the war has taken its toll on the men that fight for me. We have been two weeks in siege against the outer walls of the Throne, but soon the walls will give. They are out of food and there are deserters by the handful from their ranks almost every hour. I hope your affairs at home find you better.
The explosion of the ancient volcano has leveled my home completely and buried it under several feet of ash. My father's men and servants had already made home the dungeons beneath the Keep, to escape the barrage from the Firegate. When the explosion came, he was well safe, as were a few hundred people, but many hundreds more died on the surface. There was an old tunnel through the mountains and into a river not far from the keep and it was through there they dug their way to freedom, but it still took near a week for them to do so. Luckily the well water had not turned foul from the eruption, else they would have all perished.
As for the Statues; these states were guards both inside and outside to Torril's tomb, to protect it against invaders and the Nameless One. Statue is an incorrect term, for as I understand it, they were actually mechanical in nature, though how I know not. The creator of these creatures I convinced to make his way back from the Fey to rebuild the Statues and the door to the tomb. Most of what they talked, if they talk at all, were to the specific function they were made to perform. For example, many of them were part of the several puzzles that had to be solved in order to enter the tomb. I am fairly versed in their construction and their abilities. At no time were they known to say or refer about Oa. The maker was hid in the Fey, far away from the courts, in order to protect himself from the Nameless One and because he likes his solitude. If you feel you must pursue this subject, I suggest you talk to him. He is guarded by many of these creations and they will not allow you near him unless you go unarmed. I hope that this helps you in your quest.

Death before Dishonor,
Pyr Thalax
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