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From the Seer to Zeek...

Type of Missve: unknown
Date: 5/18/1001
Responses: unknown

From the Seer and the Seeress of the Northern Wildes:

The Guardians have both sung Spring.

The Web of Time corrodes and crumbles, but some spiders spin on regardless.

The Dark Childe hides, and not all her children pay Her heed. The Tigress
bides her time for when she may be released to Hunt in earnest. Where there
were 26, there are now 21. Unraveling is the Web. Will she repair it, or
let it unravel? The First Hunter walks these lands, drawn by the Bloody
Moons that call him lord. Hunger is multiplying, and The First Hunter is
beginning to hunt his own, for he knows they hold the Keys to the End of the
Hunt. She spins, but is she the Moth or the Spider? The Elder of Forests
heard the words, but did he ken their meaning? Which of Her natures will
win? White Rose or Endless Hunger?

The Lines of Power are being corrupted. The Winter stalks to eat the Spring.

The Star Child prepares for his ascendancy to the Throne, but the Ones that
Destroy will seek his heart to end his Potential before it is Time. Take
heed! His Guardian lies near forgotten, wings in torpor, fire quenched.

The Four and One search in earnest now, for Honorary Children. More to
fight, More to learn, More to Teach. But is it too late?

The Shadow Masters will do bloody battle - but will the old or new be
victorious? And what price will be for the power attained?

We see much. The wards are crumbling. Hard it is to remain atop the current.

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