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How To Make an Ice Gate

Type of Missve: personal correspondence
Date: 5/22/1000
Responses: unknown

Thank to Sir Skein we now know how to make an Ice Gate.
We must have two pools of water exactly 6' apart, each pool being 3'
in diameter and about 6" deep. The pools do not have to be natural;
they can be made. Then, a Repair Item spell must be cast on each pool.
Third, a spell such as Call the Soul or Intervention must be cast to
break the border between this dimension and the Realm of Space. The
absolute cold of Space will freeze the edges of the portal using the
pools of water, creating an Ice Gate. The blast of continuous air will
freeze anything in its path. Since the air itself is not magical, it
will pass through a Circle of Protection. To bring down the gate, a
Disenchant must be cast or another Intervention.

Sounds pretty rough, but we've got enough spell power here to do it.

We can use the gate to quench Bird Boy's Flame, once we get him in front of it.
We will need to bait him with...welll...bait. Protected soul should be the
bait. The last thing we need is one of us gone batty. There will still be the
fire to contend with. So those of us able to handle a bit of dodging might be
a good choice. Once his fire is out we squash into the bottle..and then
Lelmok him into oblivion.

Nice and simple, isn't it.

More later.

Sir Lucas
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