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The refugees from Argyll are integrating well into the daily life of Blackwater. Though their homes are still made of canvas and wooden poles, their hearts have been pouring out into the community. Not content to simply sit back and allow life to pass them by, the refugees have been working by day and feasting by night. Those who have witnessed the spectacle of the Argyllian feast note how every man, woman, and child shares, sings, and makes the most of their meager provisions. Truly, these are people who have embraced their new-found mortality.


The life of peasants in Chimeron is not so joyous, however, as Oberon's forces continue to surround the city. Late on Thursday, the final gates to the city had to be closed, stranding the few remaining stragglers. The Coupants have secured some caverns beneath the Hill, however, allowing the safe movement of heroes into the city. For now, the city is stranded, but it is only a matter of time before the attack begins in earnest.

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