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For this week's adventure into The Realms, The Mirror of Magic will be powered based off the mental experience of having viewed the movie Barbarella.

So, the most immediate way to describe Barbarella to the casual moviegoer might go as follows. Barbarella is presented as a science-fiction based fantasy adventure, delivered with the plot development of an X-rated movie... without the payoff of seeing anyone naked. I'm not saying that I really need to rent a movie to see a girl naked, or a guy if that's more your thing, I'm just saying that generally the reason one watches a porn flick is for the payoff of watching some attractive people rut like farm animals.

For what it's worth, the movie had what, I guess, could be considered a "nice" 1970's ambiance (I use the term nice *very* loosely.) In fact, "interesting" may be a more apt word. There is something distinctly curious about a spaceship who's entire interior has been shag-carpeted (even the walls and ceiling.)

Along the lines of a historic thought process, the film serves as an interesting chronology of various forms of sexual deviance and their precursors. For instance, the first alien man Barbarella has sex with is covered in long brown fur from the neck down. The implication was that it was a suit/costume as he had a large collection of furs from animals he had killed, but it was not a hundred percent clear. This was clearly an early reference to the "furry" subculture. Another of Barbarilla's lovers was an angel. I have absolutely no idea what term would be used to describe this sort of a fetish, but it is clearly some flavor of alternate eroticism. At one point the same character receives a savage beating and is chained by his wrists. This would be a reference to bondage and sadomasochism.

Interestingly, the intent of the movie may alter, given a modern viewing audience. The movie can be viewed as foreshadowing of the death of modern romance. During the movie, the Heroin is taken from an environment of open love and understanding, and transferred to a realm of sexuality that, from a literary standpoint, could only be viewed as astoundingly vulgar. By which, I am of course, referring to the modern Pornography institution.

Barbarella originally hails from the planet Earth. It would seem that Earth is generally regarded as the apex of society and civic accord. Concepts such as warfare and weapons have long since been left by the wayside. In fact, Barbarella is provided a selection of weaponry, from the planetary president, procured from the World's Weapon Museum. Along the same line of thinking, the physical act of coupling has also become a thing of the past. It is generally considered vulgar at best, and the last resort of the destitute. Of course, this is not to say that people have done away with sexual drive or interactions. They have merely replaced traditional intercourse with a more "harmonious" ritual involving a special pill and touching fingers.

Conversely, the intent of this movie may be to send the message that one should embrace these inner desires. Barbarella clearly takes pleasure in having sex with various people, and at some points actively requests it over the "pill" alternative to intercourse.
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