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1. A person found stealing shall be subject to the return of item or items stolen, twofold. If money is stolen, it will be returned with twice its value. If it is items or lands that are taken, those items must be returned, plus an item or piece of land of equal value. If the accused is unable to pay the fine, then they may work off their fine in service of the victim of the crime. The accuser has the right to offer a compromise of lesser value than the fine. One day of service = 10 Vanguards. The official may decide how much an item is worth, if no standard of measure is present. If the fine is unacceptable to the accused, they may choose death with no hope of resurrection, or exile. Death or Exile will occur, chosen by the official, if the accused cannot produce the original items, let alone the fine.

2. Any creature or creatures found responsible for the unjustified death or scalping a citizen of Eagle's Rook within our lands shall be subject to the same actions unto them. A murder for murder, a scalping for a scalping. A second offense to the crime of murder is scalping. Upon a second offense of scalping, the accused will be subject to either obliteration or Exile to another plane of the official's choosing. Only the Knight Commander may show mercy for such a case.

In circumstances where both the victim and the Knight judging the matter are in agreement, a substantial fine may be imposed in lieu of or in addition to any other punishment. Up to two-thirds of such a fine may be returned to the victim with the remaining amount given to an appropriately worthy charity such as the Widows and Orphans fund.

3. Any Exiled person found in our lands is subject to immediate death and possible obliteration. To be in Exile is defined by the leaving of Eagle's Rook lands, never to set foot on them as long as Eagle's Rook stands.

4. No race of creatures may wage a war against another creature or creatures within our lands unless approved by a Knight or Steward.

5. All exiles or creatures in need of protection from other lands may only seek sanctuary in our borders from the Knight Commander or Steward. Unannounced exiles or fugitives will be escorted to the Commander or Steward, or may be slain on the spot, as the situation merits.

6. The making of counterfeit money and the knowing use of said money will be considered an act of stealing, with the fine being twofold the worth of the coin to the parties given the false coin. All other rules of theft apply. All counterfeit coin is subject to immediate destruction.

7. On Slander and Minor Crimes: Concerning these misdeeds, it is upon the honor of the individuals involved to settle such disputes within the bounds of the Laws. If the accused and the accuser cannot agree on an end to the argument, the matter can be brought to any Squire or Knight, who will then act as diplomat to settle the dispute. As for slander or a question of slighting a person's honor, a trial by combat may suffice. Trial by combat is only applicable in matters of slander and honor. The two parties must decide whether it is to first blood, death or to the scalp, since it is their affair.

8. The use of necromancy or other magic to subvert the will of another sentient creature is strictly forbidden. Sentient undead are not allowed within our borders without prior approval by either the Knight Commander or the Steward. Any undead found within the borders of Eagle's Rook will be hunted down and destroyed. Any exceptions are still subject to all other laws.

9. Any race, country or band of peoples may be forbidden to enter our lands. Notification of such bans will be posted on all roads entering Eagle's Rook, as well in all towns and villages. Any so banned will be killed on sight, their bodies being burned or thrown off our lands, depending on necessity and number. Any individual creature of a forbidden race, country or band of creatures may appeal to the Knights or the Steward for passage. If such an individual is permitted, their likeness will be posted and a guard given, if necessary, to ensure the rights and life of that individual.

10. Actions taken in an effort to uphold the laws of Eagle's Rook will not be considered crimes themselves, although both citizens and guests are encourage to seek the appropriate authorities and report crimes rather than taking matters into their own hands, whenever possible.

11. All creatures that are within our borders, citizen or guest, are subject to our laws and the will of the Knight Commander and Steward. Ignorance to the law is not a defense. Those in outward defiance of our laws within our lands will be exiled or killed, depending on the severity of the defiance. If a guest does not wish to be judged by our laws, they may appeal only to the Knight Commander. Such an absolution will be given only on a case-by-case basis.

12. Any person caught or accused of breaking the Laws of Eagle’s Rook will be put through a series of process as described within the Law Process of Eagle’s Rook.

13. The laws of Eagle's Rook do not extend beyond our borders. A citizen of Eagle's Rook is bound by the country's code they are in and have free will to comply with or defy those laws and the penalties resulting. Any citizen may be brought to Eagle's Rook to be punished for their crimes from another country or place. Anyone who is returned to us shall be judged by our laws.

14. The protection of these laws, as well as the laws themselves, extends to all guests within our borders.

15. The Knight Commander is the final arbitrator of all matters of law and justice within Eagle’s Rook.
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