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A Letter from the Ancient

Author: unknown, believed to be from a being called The Ancient
Place/Gathering Discovered: unknown
Date: May 1000
Transcribed by: Ivory Librarians

This letter is from the Ancient:
"The time for the Final Battle for the Seat of the Emperor of Tang Wa is coming soon. All who wish to participate should start preparing now. All claimants to the throne must recover one of the lost Imperial Regalia and present it on the Final Day. At that time I will be able to cast the Rejoining Spell, which will bring all other items of the Regalia, not brought forward by a claimant, to the field of battle. Currently my seeing tells me that the Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto, Armor, War-Banner and Imperial Koku have already been found. I however, do not know who is in possession of these items. Let us hope that only the honorable have these items. Thus the only remaining items of the Regalia yet to be recovered are the No-Dachi and the Dai-Ku. Hopefully the remaining two will be found by a worthy claimant."
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