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Feast of Chimeron 13

Author: unknwon
Place/Gathering Discovered: Chimeron, Feast of Chimeron 13
Date: 4/30/2005
Transcribed by: Faelinn Shadowmoon

The Final Days of Cucullain

The fury of the smith has lain low the realms of Faerie. Our king did nothing but hide and his closest dukes fled and left the rest of us to our own demise.

Seeing the future before him, Oberon understood what needed to be done. The first age had brought about the first purging and all of Faerie would be lost if he did not act quickly.

Thus was Cucullain struck down by Oberon's own actions. Faerie needed a true leader, one who could unite it against the dread furies. Oberon took control of the courts as was his right and duty.

Cucullain could not be content to pass the way which all Fae must pass. Instead he cowardly hid his soul in artifacts waiting until others had crushed the threat of the purging.

Now the False King returns claiming a throne that is not his to hold. His failure to stop the purging nearly cost Faerie its existence. Against the Fae united, Cucullain's armies will fall.
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