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Another dream

Celebrating the Yuletide in a tavern.

It's warm, it's bright. There is light there.

Outside, its cold. Dark.

And then He rushes in, scared. Freezing.


No... wait... that's not Black Star. Sure looks like it, but... purple and black. Don't Mages wear those colors? But you heard there were already five on that path.

Could there be more?

He pulls back his hood, frightened eyes scanning the room.

Holy shit.

What happened?

"Tell us what happened, and how we can protect you!"

"...somebody, fill us in. We can't do our job if we don't even know the base details. And that's all we know."

"Is it? I worked on a lot less."

"Yes, but that's because you worked on Duty first, then Love, in that order."

"... ... ..."

"...awkward. You want to go get a drink?"

"Actually, I made this brand new drink from scratch, called 'Root Beer'. You have to try it!"
You wake up, knowing that something interesting is going to happen during Uncle Cecil's... and to try someone's Root Beer.
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