Insectafae are covered in another part of the Library. These are just brief notes.

Appearance: Varied bright colors, they're usually a shorter humanoid with pointed ears and antenna on the top of their head. Some may have wings. Most are non-gendered/gender fluid, as they do not 'produce' individually.

Quote: ôSomebody needs to save the caterpillars of the Realms!" - Bouquet Folethor D'Amandes

Personality: Varied by Tree, yet light-hearted and/or curious for the most part. They are also impressionable to a point, and embrace the personality of their Tree as well.
Background: The first group of Trees that spawned the Insectafae came from an epic tale that involved a human and a fae. They are very much denizens from the plane of Faerie for the most part.

Key Info: Insectafae are affected by everything Fae creatures tend to be affected by (Wayland, Fae Blades, Fae Stones, Cold Iron, etc). Insectafae are loyal to their Tree. Insectafae that leave their Tree for four turns of the season become Rogue Children.
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