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Chronicles: Free Port

Chronicles, The History of Free Port, penned by Herbert the Halfling with the whole story, October, 990 M.R.

Deep in the Southern Wastes there is a coastal city by the name of Free Port. This city was not always the thriving trade center it is now. During the Goblin Wars of the Southern Wastes, after the Elvin-Human wars of the Southern Wastes, is when it all began.
This is the account of what happened, to the best I can record it. Most of these are stories of survivors and popular belief. History books were not kept until recently. The city - well, not quite a city yet -- was started by a dark elf. It started out as a small group of dark elves living on the coast, when a group of refugees from the northern art of the Southern Waste came to find a life away from the constant threat of goblins. The group had suffered many casualties defending all their world possessions from bandits and goblins. After hearing the stories of the weary travelers, the dark elves decided to take them in. The dark elves figured that, sooner or later, either Lloth and her drow would find them, or the goblins would. So, by taking in refugees, they would form a big enough settlement to keep them away. Well, they got more than they expected. News traveled to the northern part of the Wastes, and scattered refugees became a stream. Most were farmers, but there were many capable warriors among them. Rumor had it that there were even some of knightly quality. The people of what is now called Free Port trained for the inevitable battle with the goblin.
The Goblin King started to become irritated when the raiding parties he sent to the south were returning with first-hand accounts of a vicious horde of goblin slayers. He then summoned his most powerful goblin clans. He devised a 'clever' plan to invade the horde of goblin slayers. ("Uhh.. We go there and kill them?...ya, we kill them.") The dark elves cleverly figured out the plan and prepared the people for the attack.
The Battle of Free Port lasted two years. The superior number of Goblins made them difficult to defeat, although Free Port was able to inflict sever damage here and there to the goblin forces. The goblins battled fiercely, but in the last months the goblin king sent for reinforcements. The Goblin King then was able to surround one of the patrols, killing all the members -- a solid victory. The final conflict of the battle lasted two straight weeks, in which the goblins laid siege to the Free Port. The people of Free Port, now veterans of war, stood their ground. In the final onslaught there were stories of mages that came from nowhere to save the day. Most of the people say these mages saved the battle. No one knew who they were, and they disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. The dark elves say that there were probably just delusions of battle-worn soldiers.
Victory was Free Port's, and the goblins fled with their King now defeated. The people could live their lives in peace. The city grew quickly because it was now seen as a safe haven for any who were weary of war. After the Goblin Wars, however, most of the non-human races left. The city has evolved into a full area of free entrepreneurs willing to deal in any type of business. You can buy or sell almost anything in Free Port. Violence is almost non-existent inside the city, but travelers beware: there are plenty of bandits outside the city.
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