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Ragnar's letter

During Black and White'20 Laika received a mystery box

Inside a mystery box there was a black cloth, a blue tassel and a scroll.

The Scroll reads:
ko gyl red yhnuiy cuo ivaj ghvje cbruj gxrekznmf.
I yrvk feve tnbsv khgg gf sy zue scaix aeu guyd ze tnrsv catqs rie
ygrzmitt tf fpka a xrtk go nyaz vs tflrbqlzaryy beoca aj khk clree
us cfcoxf aeu fuecv saix tyv etgikp ktbwe rs hyuv. Khof wrj rkfericn
fodv ol zy wfrsrr rjsupirkey vnmflbrd kyesfecmey vn red O uamv
itsoidazvoe khgg wfllj oe fw gxrak lsk. Soi dyyrlw Z as aon r
cuylvttue ow tuxvojztors red cvsy rij vn tflrrckznm nn ritosatk
ktbwe rs Lhicc Cneev. Z wuhlu rlrbw kye afe fw tnr svcfynmv
rrzvfrtt oa tyv ovrnzeg us tyv ggge rj iz jolcd hr mfjt hrnvwiivac ko
zue Scaix aeu Guydj vnjramfry, nnu grupevu ot zy nry cuee khgg
cfjmop wfik of cfdprrtvu, Favlc Thxre ze hgad.

Z jcxvbv nizu tyzs yvmgce ilpyvr zb wvvd uht kyoyr wyf cganfk
rknsfe fue tyvmyrlmvs, gf tyv wknk red yyon ditque niry bv eo afe
ze tnvs ivtxvemrl uceirtobn. Cuee khk gidv iy eixyt ibnkrcz ze sp
wnntvmex zeres ebu yrvk nt pfux qijgoynl.

Let my name guide you.

Translated via a Vigenere cipher with they keyword "Ragnar"

To all and sundry who read these words greetings.
I have seen those that go by the black and gold in these lands are
striving to open a gate to what is colloquially known as the plane
of colors and force back the entity known as blue. This was research
some of my former associates involved themselves in and I have
information that would be of great use. For myself I am now a
collector of curiosities and wish aid in collecting an artifact
known as Fuill Chree. I would allow the use of the selfsame
artifact in the opening of the gate as it would be most beneficial to
the Black and Golds endeavors, and proceed on my way when that
cosmic work is completed, Fuill Chree in hand.

I scribe with this simple cypher to weed out those who cannot
reason for themselves, as the weak and slow mindun will be no use
in this retrieval operation. When the time is right contact me by
whatever means you have at your disposal.

Let my name guide you

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