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Korik of the Curious Quest

August 993 M.R.

Just Wondering... (about Mirkshaw)

Whatever happened to the Unified North?
Does Mirkshaw really believe in Chaos?
Is Orphan Maker an only child? Does he have a thick skull?
Will Dol Kugen learn to peacefully co-exist with his guests?
Has Dol Kugen's child lightened his heart?
For every child of darkness, there is a child of light...?
Will Sir Devilyn actually start up a woman's fighting guild?
Will Moonglum ever cheer up?
Does Anvil have a heart? Does he have a hammer?
Will Sir Highrider become Knight Boy?
Did Nature Boyyyyy get lost when he took that wrong turn at Albuquerque?
Will we find Jabbin at the end of a Hand Maiden's tail?
Is Rog the only Chaos Warrior left in Mirkshaw?
Will Dol Kugen teach an assertiveness course?
Are Mirkshaw's colors really changing?
Has Mirkshaw been naughty or nice? Are they getting 'nuttin' for Christmas'?
Did Dol Kugen try to stop Chimeron from closing the gate to Faerie?
Will more of Mirkshaw's warriors join the circus?
Will Mirkshaw create an alliance with Doomghaurd, Niefelheim, Faerie, and Hades?
Will the evil ever be removed from Mirkshaw or will HE be there forever?
Has anyone ever seen Dol Kugen's cat skin collection?
Will the double Mirkshaw-Doomghaurd wedding result in a Kingdom of Chaos?

If you don't think about yourself, then you really can't see others very well. So take a good look at yourself in the mirror.
Until next time, - Korik of the Curious Quest
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