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(CW: the mention of the word 'rape' is further down, as is a pedophilia insult response)

To Dol-Kugen,
Of all the people in the Realms that I could bug, surely, you must admit, I could not have made a better choice. However, you should be happy to learn I am no longer responsible for Lady Ozark. Perhaps you'll have an easier time dealing with Lord Taithan.
Sword Sharpened,
- O. Cronin

Employment Offered - a former general seeks honest sword work. Will supply references upon request. Can be reached at "Da Revenge" on the 7th and 8th days of August. Salary Negotiable.

To All who would help defeat the Shadowlord
I am writing this to those who have been gathering information about the Shadowlord and the Champion's Sword. As the hour grows near, I find my need for your wisdom and advice greatly increasing. For the good of the Realms please contact me as soon as possible, for I need your help to rid our lands of the Shadowlord for once and for all.
- Adyan

To the brave fighters at Periden,
I wish to thank you all for standing against the Drow army that invaded and destroyed the village where I was staying. I have not seen such brave and honorable men and women before. Lord Soth and Dol-Kugen, I particularly wish to thank you for listening to me when I came to you with the news of the army's impending arrival. It would have been easy for you to ignore a hysterical peasant, but you chose to hear me through, and because of this you were more prepared when the army arrived. I cannot repay you all for the feeling of safety which has been returned to me except to publicly offer my gratitude.
- Sorshia

To Lord Soth, Warlord of Doomghaurd, Lord of Doomghaurd Keep, Knight Commander of the Black Rose, President of the Sea Glenn Cartell,
Lord Soth; I understand that you take any assaults upon your person, followers, or lands with all due seriousness. Further, that, due to such an assault, you had formally declared war upon the state of Teng-Hua.
I also know that you pride yourself as a man of honor, and that you strived to set an example that others might follow; not the least goals of which was removing the foul besmichment that had been associated with the land of Doomghaurd, even as you founded it.
Therefore, I come to you with the following declaration: At the Goblyn Rebellion, the Blade of Doomghuard persuaded my adopted son, Logan Treestump, into a Blood-Bonding. She did this without the consent of his lord, and without explaining the consequences of this act. As a result of her treacherous action, my son is now possessed of a demonic entity, who entered and enslaved his soul through the action of your current Bishop and acting General of your Armies.
What you failed to recon was the special nature of my son. You see, my son is not human; the demon within him is not only devouring his soul, but his spirit as well. Logan Treestump is dying.
Your Blade should have devoted some thought to the political consequences of this rape. I say this now, Lord Soth; if my son is left in his current state, then we have little recourse. Since, by Realms' Law, the noble is responsible for the actions of his followers, then I can only assume that this unprovacated attack upon my son is little more than an underhanded declaration of war upon Harconian's Keep and the Family of Highrider.
If my son dies, then it will be war, regardless of what your Blade intended. I have no wish to war upon you, Lord Soth; you have so far demonstrated that you value honor highly; despite my first thoughts to the contrary. I know that you would do no less to defend you and yours.
(banner placed) Stonedragon of Teng-Hua

To the Vision of Doomghaurd: You display knowledge in your Missive to me. Perhaps I have overlooked your country for too long. No matter... That oversight is easily rectified. - ? -

In answer to the "gods" of Doomghaurd:
I am that I am.
For me, Honor is a facet in a gem of Virtues. It is with virtues that a Knight must live. A knight carries them like ponderous stones on his back, and their weight makes him strong and upright. Some people will never understand because all they want from life is to give their burden over to someone else. As long as someone else can bear the burden of honor for them they do not have to feel guilty or face the consequences of their acts. Therefore, I believe honor is the responsibility for one's acts and the integrity to bear that burden.
Consummatum est liberavi animam meam -
- Sir Fletch, Knight of the Eternal Flame
Knight of Valehaven, Brother of the Cruciform Sword
Son of Marcus Gallador

To the ever curious Korik:
Yes, it is possible to say no to a cloved orange. You simply hand it back and say no. Again, I find myself answering one of your more uninformed queries. Why with all your wisdom do you ask such mundane questions? Is it because you do not observe what you see?
Just Wondering... - Fletch

Clarification for the Ill of Mind,
I am not a mason, a carpenter or a scribe, nor am I a battlefield fighter. I am The Steel Assassin and my name explains all. Call me what you will, but gold talks and dragon dung walks.
Your attempts to entice me into a mistake will never work. I am not affected by any emotion, so name calling has no effect. Your attempts at insults are funny, but will not force me into any stacked situation. I do not do charity, honorable acts or tests. I only provide a service and that clients pay for end of line. I have done this service for many decades. Those who know, know.
Lords, I will make contact by messenger only. Sorry, but none who meet The Steel Assassin will ever tell the tale. For my safety as well as my client.
Message: sign of the boar. Your task is done, is it not? I await your payment.
- The Steel Assassin

Dearest Taris,
I am not familiar with your Ila, but wrath can be quite pleasurable. Does Ila scream? Also, would you care to join me sometime in my "Pits"? I'll even be so kind as to let you drive me there...
Curiously, - the Shadowlord

To Jana Sword-Dancer,
Thank you for the kind reception you gave me, especially after the misunderstanding shortly before. I'm glad that our difference of views doesn't interfere with the game. As for the swordplay, that is how a practice should be run. In regards to the wounded, a warrior should always be ready to face the result of his/her trade; I have no strategy, freedom to kill and freedom to give back life - that is my strategy.
Until next we meet, - Jasda Greymist, Kinslayer
P.S. re Cloning, there are are always alternatives.
P.P.S. With the alliance of Doomghuard and Mirkshaw, I'm sure we will have ample opportunity to work together, as I am on permanent retainer.

To my Minions,
A few of you have still not paid your Guild Tax. This is directed to you of Chimeron, Valehaven, and the other two not named guilds. Nor have I received the scalps you have taken at the Wayland War. Pay the fees or you'll meet your doom as the rest.
- The Eternal Steel Assassin

Alcar - In answer to your question; more than your eternal soul, for I am beyond death itself. - The Steel Assassin

Lord of Mirkshaw - My question to you lord is how much are you willing to pay for your own demise? To your statement - I do not fondle small boys, but children are best served with lemon and tartar. - The Steel Assassin

Meg the fighting Barwench,
I could have removed your still speaking head at any time. You are lucky as I have not been paid to take your head. I would like to say "nice dress"! I suggest you have more trusted people around you when you sleep.
- The Steel Assassin

To Sir Eyesore,
Before I make any accusations which are not based on facts, I wish to ask some questions. Does your order condone striking down an unarmed man? Does your order support your conduct at the feast when you interrupted a parlay between two parties with which you were not involved? What are the codes of your order?
I ask this not so you must prove or disprove anything. I ask so that I may act accordingly. My order does not approve of any of the actions which you performed that day. My codes say I must seek retribution and retain my honor. But I am also a noble who has diplomatic responsibilities. I must temper my actions with wisdom and judgement for I know not the customs or codes of your lands.
I hear only rumors and hearsay on what information you received to make you come to the conclusion that my Arch-Bishop and General Taithan was seeking your demise. I hope your sources are trustworthy. I would hate to see you make a grave mistake on rumors.
I await your answer, Sir Knight.
- Marquise Soth, Knight of the Eternal Flame
Knight Commander of the Order of the Black Rose
President of the Sea Glenn Cartell

To Alanom of the Eclipse, I would expect nothing less of you, my friend. Death before dishonor. - Gael Bahn, Squire to Sir Gunnar of Eagle's Rook

Darling Lord Soth and company...
I must thank for removing a troublesome stone from my boot. You have taken your first steps into a larger world. My thanks to you. Continue to serve me as well and many rewards shall be yours... Gratefully, - The Shadowlord

To the People of the Realms:
Greetings from... (Hey, what is this place anyway- *WHIP* CRACK! PUNCH ) OOOOWWW! oh yeah. (whimper)... Hell.
Well, I decided if the powers that be, (*WHIP* Ouch!) would let Cutter speak with the land of the living (*Crunch* Yoww!!!), so could I! (*slice* BLEED) (snivel)...
To my friends, comfort to you (-smack- OUCH!), until I return. To my enemies, Rage and Love both go beyond this Life. I know not who (*KAA-chunk!* OWW OWW OWW Pain!)... is... responsible for putting me here, but I will not rest in peace unavenged (whappity whappity POKE *GOUGE* [blood curdling scream]). And to my Lord Baron, my... undying loyalty to you (*scrape* Oooow...!) and to your coveted principle of honor. My apologies for bringing so much Rumour to the honor of the Barony of Banecroft. *SMACK* Pow! (sniff...groan.)
Goodbye for now,
- Johann Fredrich Messer, Corpse of Banecroft

To the People of the Realms,
It is with much regret that I must write to inform you all that I will no longer be able to offer my services as a Healer to the People of the Realms without being compensated for my trouble. Over the past two months I have spent in excess of 600 backed gold to obtain the components necessary to work my healing spell, including the creation of several resurection points. Careful bookkepping has shown that there are in excess of one hundred people who owe their lives to me, - many who owe me several times over. Most of these people have never even thanked me - much less paid me for my services. I will not demand payment from anyone - nor will I specify a price for services rendered. But I shall no longer be offering my services to these who do not offer anything in return. How much do you think your lives are worth?
To those few of you who have remembered to thank me for my art and have not failed to offer compensation for my efforts - rest assured, your words and deeds have not been forgotten.
May the blessings of Asmodeus fall upon you,
- Lord Taithan d'Verai, High Priest of Asmodeus
Archbishop of Doomghaurd, General of the Armies of Doomghaurd
- Lord Scoob Drake d'Verai
Champion of the Temple of Asmodeus, Ambassador of Blackwater

Chaotic Kugen -
What?! Not dying for honor? Bless me, Kugen, you do know how to touch a dark heart. You do not sound in the least chaotic, though perhaps a bit on the aged side. With your newfound wisdom perhapse you might enjoy the invitation not to die at all? We should talk sometime...
- the Shadowlord

Lars & Threll,
A while ago you each received letters from one called 'A Patient Soul'. Rumors have reached me that you believe me to be this person, even though I do share some of the same sentiments, it was not I who wrote that. First of all, I'm not patient. Second, I'm not nearly as gifted with words; and finally, I would never insult my friend Lars. I would like to know who this person is, though... It's always good to know who one's rivals are...
- Kilteer, Lord of Ferngrove

P.S. Threll, I've got an important matter to discuss with you.
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