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Old Lore of the Pantheon

This document was found, unsure who the author was and some of the information may be speculation and certainly most of this information has now changed. Many of these gods have changed, some new have come in and others have fallen out of the pantheon.

An Abridged Compendium 8/23/96

Though the universe is uncertain in origin and meaning, we have
attempted to ascertain wisdom on this subject. The following information
may be factual, fictitious, or some combination of the two. This information
shall be updated at the earliest time possible
The Deities- Existence prior to the gods has not yet been discovered, so we
shall begin this journal with them already existing. At the time of our
earliest records there were 18 primary deities, known by many different
names. Each of them had a somewhat different conception of the world, or
what it should become. Antioch, the Dream Weaver and Creator, read the
thoughts of them all and created the universe from the minds of the gods.
The deities fell into different spheres of thought and action. They became
the patrons of all living beings. However, strife amongst the gods resulted in
many societies destroyed almost from their onset. In order to contain the
overwhelming power of the deities, a system of laws were created,
restricting “direct influence.”
The 18 gods were expected to be worshipped. However, the role of
divine intervention was meant to be limited. In order to spread their power,
the gods developed a concept called the demi-god or the Avatar. These
powerful beings are mortal, though often extremely difficult to defeat. They
can easier represent the interests of the gods upon the mortal planes.
However, even these beings caused too much conflict. And so, their contact
was also limited. A third rank called the Champion was created. These
were mortals chosen by the gods to represent them. They would be
granted certain boons for their loyalties, but they would remain quite
mortal, usually.
As the population of the “overworld” continued to grow, new limits
were placed upon the induction of Avatars. All Avatars that were presently
existing would remain so. Future avatars would be chosen by merit from the
ranks of the champions in a competition called The Ascension. There is an
exception to this rule about Avatars. If a god loses his last Avatar he may
choose a new one to replace him.
The Ascension will bring more power to the sphere of the god. The
power attained can be directly channeled to the god or the victorious
champion may acquire some and spread the god’s influence as a new avatar
or powerful champion.
There would never be more than 18 primary gods. The only way to
become one is to defeat a god after first eliminating all of his followers. If a
god is destroyed, his avatar will rise to power. If there are no avatars, a

champion will ascend. Only through total annihilation can a sphere change
hands. This can only be achieved through assistance of powerful beings,
such as other gods or avatars. At the present time there are 17 gods.

The Gods of Good

Aurora; Avatar-Bast and King James; Champion-Sir Quick
She is the goddess of Light. Her heart is pure. She will help all
followers of goodness if she hears their calls. She has a following of healers
and templars.
Avatars: Bast, King James of Coventry
Champion: St. Daniel Roseblade of Darkvale (ascended)
High Priest: Cain
Associated Deities: Bast is an avatar of Aurora, Abakon was a follower of Aurora
before achieving Godhood.
Associated Orders: Order of the Morning Star (Guild inactive)
Colors: White/Silver
Symbols: Star (Multiple versions with different #’s of points)
Current area of influence: Primarily worshiped in Chimeron
Aurora, at times, was also known as a goddess of war.
History: Daniel Roseblade (Quick), former champion of Aurora was sainted by
her and “taken” from the Well of Souls by the Spirit Dancer and ascended during
the ascension war.
Notable Artifacts: The Crystal Temple of Aurora, The Staff of Aurora, the Main
Gauche of St. Daniel, Dalindana, Tears of Aurora
Notable Current Followers:
Cain of Aurora
Associated Players: Randy G, Jay Bonci,

Arius; Avatar-Uartu the Great; Champion-Thomas Althorne

He is a god of healing, war, and truth. His symbols are the ankh and
the “broken blade.” The center of his following has been in Old Ariland,
with many warriors and healers of Law.

Justari; Avatar-The Red Knight; Champion-Perigren
He is the sometimes chaotic god of justice. He often visits the mortal
worlds in one form or another. He is followed by cavaliers, knights, and
commoners. He is truly fair.
The former Champiion of Justari was Peregrin of the Burning and Green. He died
in the Ascension war.
Aspects: Good, just causes, order, process and punishment
History / synopsis: There is a strong Illinarian following of Justari. These are
commonly good and stoic men and women who are devoted to protecting the
innocent and actively pursuing and punishing the wicked. Most Illinars greatest
heroes were strong followers of Justari.
The church is centrally organized in Darkharbor, the capital city of Illinar.
However, many tested followers take their arms into the field and work
independantly and in small cells to rout evil forces across the countryside. A
worshipper of Justari takes his position very seriously, and in return is often aided
by servants of Justari with information, guidance but never martial support, the
spiritual war is for mortals.
Symbol: In Illinar he is represented by a white warhammer with silver etching
turned down on a charcoal heater shield. Oftentimes statues of Justari depict
men in heavy plate armor wielding all manners of melee weapons.
Notable followers: Slaader, Chan, Eremon Areni.
Avatar: Archangel Azrai the Demonslayer
Mortal Champion: (none)
Associated players: Joe P.

Gaia the Earth mother; Avatar-Thunder; Champion-undecided
She is most attuned to the nature of the world. She is followed mostly
by druids and lovers of nature.
Champion was Heron, right? Still is, technically?

Other Names: The Earth Mother
Aspects: Nature, Fertility, Life
She is most attuned to the nature of the world. She is followed mostly by druids
and lovers of nature.
Avatars: Thunder, Thor, The Gray Man, The Dawn Bringer
Champion: Heron of Clan McKrye
Colors: Green & Brown
Symbols: Spread out trees
Current area of influence: Gaia is one of the primary Gods of Lunataris
Notable Artifacts: The Temple of Gaia
Notable Followers: Heron
Other Notes: The avatar Dawn Bringer is a very tall, exquisite man with stag's
antlers by day and a very, very large king stag by night. Other names for the
Dawn Bringer include The Mornings Child, Gaia's Saddest Child, The Master of
the Hunt. The Dawn Bringer is most noted for his companions the Dream
Wolves. He has been known to walk the Realms but doesn't often directly
interfere with mankind.
NOTE- I am unsure who originally provided the information under other notes
and would like to make sure to properly credit them. My apologies, but please let
me know if you were the original source.
Carrie is the original source for things relating to the Dawn Bringer. Dawn Bringer
is one of two brothers, both of which claim to be Gaia's children. The other son is
knows as the Gray Man, a nuetral god/avatar of death.

Tekohanane Avatar The Shadowhawk; Champion-undecided
He is the god of freedom, most frequently associated with the spirit
world. His name implies life and daylight. He is often followed by shaman
and tribal people unencumbered by the burden of civilization.

The Gods of Neutrality

Antioch; Avatar-The Sandman and Minerva; Champion - Quaran
He is the god of reality and dreams. Mages and prophets often follow
him. He is the creator of the world and leader of the gods.
Notable Artifacts:
The Holy Cursed Staff of Antioch
The Hourglass of Antioch
Notable Current Followers:
Garm (Guardian/Terminator); Avatar-Asmodeous; Champion-undecided

He is the enforcer of the gods. When one deity destroyed the entire
line of a second one, Garm was sent to punish this action. With this act, he
ascended to replace the then seventeenth deity. He believes that a word is a
bond that cannot be broken. He collects the souls of those who betray him.
He rules over the underworld, patron of demons and devils.
Champion: Blak
Paladin: Duncan
High Priest: Artex (Hades)
Associaed Orders: Knights of Garm
Blak of Clan Curidh became a follower of Garm after Garm caught him trying to
steal from him throne room. He died in the Ascension war and became an
enforcer in Hell for a time.
Current Notable Followers: Knights of Garm- Blak, Duncan, Nighthawk, Ragnar.
Followers of Hades- Artex
Associated Players- Randy Gordon, Bill DeMarco, Jay Bendonis,
Does Garm have a Champion at this point? (Blak I’m guessing?)
Rawonam; Avatar Strathmore; Champion-undecided
He is the god of war. He enjoys battle more than anything else. The
weak should stay off the field of battle. He is followed by warriors from all
cultures. Glory can only be attained with great deeds.
Is Shane now an avatar?

Chronos; Avatar-Andorra; Champion-undecided
He is the god of time. His main goal is to see that the flow of time
remains free. He is usually stoic, but can have a real bad temper.
Name: Chronos (originally Randy Gordon’s deity)
Other Names: Father Time, The Old Man, Eon.
Aspects: Time, infinity, the Web of fate and probability.

Appearance: None. To gaze upon Time itself in its entirety is to go mad. Acolytes
of Chronos tend to remove their eyes for this reason.
Avatars: None known to the Realms at this time
Champion: Grey
High Priest: His name is not known to the Realms at this time.
Associated Deities: Dragon Goddess of Time, now Obliterated.
Associated Orders: Acolytes of Chronos. They appear as simple robed men and
women (and other creatures), with the infinity symbol on their foreheads and
hands, their eyes torn out.
Colors: none associated.

Maurya; Avatars-The Kal and Dral; Champion-undecided
She controls the largest sphere. The Kal are gods or spirits. The Dral
are the spirits in charge of the elements: Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. These
beings do not believe in good and evil, only natural and unnatural.
Per Carrie - The Kal en Dral are not the avatars of any god. They are their own
force. Where the Kal en Dral have a pretty large following we were thinking of
just listing them – that okay with you?

The Gods of Evil

Dionin; Avatar-The Champion and the Dream Demon; Champion-Vladimir
He is the trapped god of death. The Cult of the Damned follows this
quasi-vampiric god of blood and death. The Apocalypse is tied to this god.
Vladimir was utterly destroyed by D'aoud with Dalindana, right? I know that his
child was rescued with Xexemedus, but that’s not common knowledge, is it?
His Avatars are The Champion and SoulTaker, according to Randy (per
conversation at QoH 2005)

Rexan; Avatar-Ilgoth; Champion-Sir Lars
He is the god of serpents and death. It is believed that he and Dionin
may have once been the same being. This may explain the hatred they have
for each other. Rexan wishes to conquer the world. This is a game that may
take eternity, but that he expects to win. Most serpents follow him. The

family line of Strathmore is an important exception. He also is followed by
much of the death worshippers.
Sir Lars chose to ascend instead of returning to the mortal realms and continuing
to be Rexan's Champion. I am fairly certain that he ascended to the realm of
another god, one of his choosing.
Also, Ilgoth was slain again, right?
Hate/Anarchy – is this The Dark One?; Avatar-Mirkey; Champion-
This being can only be described by his name. He hates everything
and everyone. People that follow him only do so because they feel a
common disgust toward the pathetic worms that infest the world. He often
leaves his mark upon those he interacts with. Hate is spread.
Ive never heard the Dark One referred to as "Anarchy." The church took on
Blade's Sigil, which is the Anarchy sign in blue. He is well known as Hate, and
lesser known as The Devourer. I think there are other beings out there with
"devour" in their titles, so this one remains unused to avoid confusion.
Topknot was Champion for a time. But he was permanently severed from the
Dark One when the furys were released from the wayland blades. (long story) He
refused to re-establish ties. Chakra took up the role of Hate's Champion after
that. He has since relinquished the title. Though many strong followers still
worship the God, there is no named champion just now.
The Dark One strives for the "Final Death" of all things, places, and time. All
consuming hatred is the path darkore mortals believe will lead them to this goal.
These ultimate Nihlists see, in their universal disgust, an equality among all
beings, great and small.All destinies eventually should end the quiet, eternal
Check with Randy Gordon about the Avatar. IIvaguely remember this name from
back in the late nineties, but am unsure as to it's veracity.
Thanatos; Avatar-Excruciore; Champion-undisclosed
She is the goddess of the Drow. Little is known of her in this land.

Selph; Avatar-Silenus; Champion- Shadow
He is the god of merchants and thieves. He believes that self gain is
the greatest expression of success.

The Other Gods

Order/Law; Avatar-Selucid; Champion-Adyan
He fights a constant battle with Chaos for control. Only through order
can meaning be found. He is followed by paladins and followers of the law.

Chaos/Wild Card; Avatar-Kugen; Champion-undisclosed
The goal of this deity is primarily fun. He enjoys playing games.
Winning doesn’t matter as long as the game is fun. He enjoys being
unpredictable and placing thorns in the side of Order. Dissipation is the
natural direction of things. Chaos is the emergence that results from the toil
of Order.

Arioch – is he one of yours or someone elses? Or is he the same as Chaos?
Aspects: Chaos, Anarchy
The goal of this deity is primarily fun. He enjoys playing games. Winning doesn’t
matter as long as the game is fun. He enjoys being unpredictable and placing
thorns in the side of Order. Dissipation is the natural direction of things. Chaos is
the emergence that results from the toil of Order.
Appearance: Arioch most often appears as a tough "bad ass" type. He frequently
wears a red bandana on his head.
Avatars: Some say Kugan, the "Dark Child" may be the avatar of Arioch.
Champion: Cinnabar of Folkestone
High Priest: Arkdyne (retired)
Associated Deities: Arioch is part of the triad of Gods worshiped in the
Borderlands consisting of Harlequin, Arioch, and Fulang.
Colors: Blue and Black
Symbol: The chaos wheel
Current area of influence: focused around the Borderlands and Achoria
Other information: Arioch feeds on souls that his followers provide. Some of them
scream "Blood and souls for our lord Arioch" while killing. Once a soul has been
consumed by Arioch it can be bargained for but can not be retrieved without
dealing with Arioch. Arioch's followers tend to yell to communicate with him.
Sometimes he fufills their requests, other times he kills them for bothering to

annoy him, but he respects those who call upon him in this way. He would be
distainful of those who approached him in a subservient way. He favors spell
casters, thieves, and those who stand up to others. He is annoyed by those who
call on him too often for help, those unwilling to scalp, and those who bend easily
to the will of others.
Is this one actually a god as well?

Castille – is this Abakhan? I though he was a bad guy?
Champion: Bane of Clan Curdith
Associated Deities: Before obtaining Godhood, Abakhon was a devout follower of
Aurora. He is also responsible for the birth of Death Knights
Current area of influence: Coventry
Origins: Ascended to Godhood in 2000, due in large part to the efforts of Bane of
Jarrod of Folkestone. Abakhon is the father of Radal the Light.
Notable Artifacts: Ring of Castille
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