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Notes on the Greater Gods

Author: Laika en'Naur
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The Pantheon of the Greater gods is a religious group of gods which have the greatest influence over the realms. Keeping these powers in balance is of the upmost importance or it will bring on the end times. This pantheon has a history of over 20 years and many gods have come and go from the list and the rules on which gods are in and out and how to keep balance vary based on the rules that the gods have setup but cannot share with us mortals. Balance of the pantheon is based off of the alignment of the gods, Good/ Neutral/ Evil. From what I've been told is that the side of good and evil hold the same amount of power at all times no matter how many gods there are but that power is distributed between the gods such as if there are 5 good gods and 3 evil gods, the power on both sides is equal but any individual evil god is stronger than any individual good god.

The current known pantheon list:

Good: Justari, Aurora, Gaia, Vandor
Neutral: Chronos, Rowanom, Garm, Antioch
Evil: Dionin, The Dark One
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