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Enticing Yousei -1019

On yosei

The following details how to entice various yosei to come out from hiding. I hope this work will help future generations to be able to share in the joy that yosei bring. I will briefly go over how to attract some of the more basic types of yosei.

MetalLad - in order to attract a MetalLad, one should find a piece of metal that is tarnished or rusty, and polish it to a shine again. This will be pleasing to the MetalLad.

VoidLad - in order to attract a VoidLad, one should spend time doing one of the following; either draw a picture while blindfolded, or tell a story without using any words. Who knows what might happen if you manage to do both at the same time?

WoodLad - in order to attract a WoodLad, one must collect enough natural wood-like materials and arrange them in a decently large, pleading shape.

FireLad - In order to attract a FireLad, one must create their own coal or ash and use it to draw a sketch. The sketch should be pleasing to a potential fire yosei.

EarthLad - in order to attract an EarthLad, one should make a rock sculpture using at least ten distinctly different size stones. This sculpture should promote serenity. It is especially impactful if multiple sculptures exist near each other.

WaterLad - in order to attract a WaterLad, one should collect water from five distinctly different sources, mix it, then use that water to nourish something.

WindLad - in order to attract a WindLad, one should make a set of windchimes, any material is fine as long as they make sound, and then hang them out for all to enjoy, and to attract the WindLad.

Lastly, there is a type of yosei that is more free spirited in its nature. This very adaptable yosei is only attracted by a collection of all of the other types of yosei.

I hope this writing helps you find yosei of your own. They are wonderful beings, and very resilient. Once you attract them, they will most likely want to stay with you for the rest of your life, unless you choose to send them away, which they won't mind either.

Oku Kyoju
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