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On Terra Maris- 09-10-07

Unto the Realms,
I have returned from my imprisonment inside of the Lightning Bolt.
Despite what many have surmised, I could hear and see most of what went
around near me. Thanks to the many people who protected and looked over
myself and my people during my absense. No thanks, however to those who
threatened to snap me over their genetalia. I'm looking at you Da'oud.

My specific thanks goes out to the men and women of Grimloch, who came
out in force to assist the mission. You have my most sincere thanks.

We have serious business in front of us. Terra Maris has been restored
and is alive, as the Lightning Bolt was largely her insurance. Her
purpose and motivations in the future are largely unknown, but she is a
powerful operative for Dionin. A prophecy exists on how to put her
down, but I have some business to tend to before any attempt is made to
deflate some of the evil avatars of the world.

The Hammer of Justice has been swapped by the mages of Coventry with
the Main Gouche of Saint Daniel; which now resides on my belt for use in
an upcoming task. I am reassured by the Guilds that the Hammer is safe
for the time being. My focus is now turned towards restoring McKrye
from the darkness that surrounds him. We are close indeed, and with
proper execution, I look forward to seeing him at the high table next
Feast of Chimeron.

I invite you to come to our annual Feast in the city in one month
hence. My imprisonment and several long campaigns have left me longing
for much-needed rest within these familiar walls, and I very much wish
to see you all here.

-Sir Cain
Knight of the Crown
Champion of Aurora
City of Ivory, EF
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