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[Across the Realms]
Posted in pubs and taverns of all kinds: "A member of the Risen Kingdom is in possession of an article that my child holds near and dear: a mythril hammer. A bounty of 20 gold is on said hammer: no questions asked. See any member of the Blackheart family to redeem said bounty."
Several villages are speaking about the rangers wearing gray and green. They ask only for the basic necessities (if that) and work for the few days they are visiting, but in that time they are teaching 'The Ritual of Light', citing that it is time for every commoner to do their part.
People have been whispering about the possibility that doppelgängers walk among us, replacing members of our society with near-perfect facsimiles of themselves. If this is true, what are they after? Who have they got to? They could be anyone. They could be you. They could be me! Keep your friends close, and your knives closer.
Vanduke has been saying something about a Mistletoe of Knowledge. He probably just made that up? Probably?
Villagers from Blackwood, Chimeron, and Invictus are reporting "flybys" of an unknown object or creature over random villages.

The new quarry north of Chimeron City is starting to look more like a town as the workers and their families settle in for the winter. Caravans under the banner of the Militia seem to be supplying the work-town with foodstuffs.

Recently In Clontarf small localized earthquakes were felt around the castle. Tao was seen moving fast towards the forest. When asked about it later he said that something did not agree with him but there was nothing to worry about. He did return to the castle once the earthquake was over.

[Near Darkvale]
Outside the borders of Darkvale, the refugees from 1011 that made their home there have started spotted patrols of two or threee humanoid creatures. Any that have gotten close enough to gain details, however, find that the patrols disappear. Their shadows or outlines suggest armor or robes, and some armed, some not. One resident of Darkvale even claimed: "Smells like ELF."

[Gau Dring]
Along the South Eastern border of Gau Dring, a tribe of Minotaurs have set up residency, they have named their village Thornfell, they are protected civilians of Gau Dring and are allowed all rights that come with it.
Law of the Hunt for Gau Dring has been rewritten, "Within designated areas of Gau Dring Hunting privileges are allowed of any race within those areas dubbed "Hunting Lakes". Within these areas if you are able to hunt catch and kill a creature you are allowed to it as any hunter would be. Any illegal hunting done outside of these areas is a punishable offense which will be brought ahead of a Trial of pre-determined people.
The guild of the Guilty seems to have gone into hiding or dissipated after they were routed from Darlien by the Eshkin attack, it is unsure if they had anything to do with the eshkin or if this is a new race of creature.
Eshkin we are still running into small bands of them through Gau Dring lands and have had reports of them being seen outside of our lands.
Under the town hall of Darlien a cave was discovered that collapsed after the defense, it is believed this is where the Eshkin originated from. People are gathering outside it and researching it looking into what may lie deeper, there are plans in place to delve into the mountain and see what we can find there. Those plans are a bit premature but people are still preparing for what should be an interesting if not dangerous voyage into the depths.

[The Great Eastern Swamp]
Once more, lights are seen bobbing up and down, and then disappearing (seemingly) into the swamp itself.

Z cookies have been growing more and more steadily hiring local tree elves to up production 10 fold.
Jean Baptiste continues to try New Jerky experiments while Fixing up some of Syruss's odd brothers with the extra parts.
Jayce is currently renovating the Casino with new Tolkens Games and fan fair.
Speaking of Faires (or Rather Carnivals), Siff has been busy training other Neden boys to Help Syruss with the traveling Carnival duties. He also is researching more and more of his eclectic Carney Relatives that have been performers. People passing the big top have seen new games being dropped off to the tents every other day, some have even reported side shows and fun mirrors arriving.
Syruss is busy training a New Detective Partner, now that Grebinar has gone on a walkabout to find himself spiritually. Syruss has two new recruits eager to join the ranks of the worlds greatest detective: Darkin and Sir Sarriz both want to put their mystery solving skills to the test.
The cases seem to pile up in the winter months; with fewer people seen on the streets, one would assume that crime would slow down. Dresden and his news crew recently brought them rumors of a mysterious fog floating down from the North Border of Neden. Strange sounds and random disappearances have been occurring everywhere the fog has been reported to hit.

[North-East, Towards River Town]
A merchant trader is completely baffled as to why the forest is seemingly still in the peak of Autumn when in all other places of travel, Winter is almost here. Residents of River Town haven't gone to investigate, as the weather is just fine where they are.

[Sapphire Isle]
The remains of a ship washed up on the south east coast of Sapphire Isle. No survivors, except for a small boy speaking in a strange language. Also found among the wreckage was a letter wrapped in a waxed canvas and a package. The boy is reported to have kept asking for someone named “Inima Neagra” and someone else called “L'uomo di Sale”

[Outside of Stonewood]
A band of refugees fleeing from various villages have formed a Free Company. Word is that they go by the Broken Spears and are led by someone they call "Cronin the Barbarian".

[Unclaimed Land]
A nomadic troop of people wish to settle between New Illinar and Chimeron, but are uncertain as to the survival rate during the winter. Shelters are beginning to be erected, however, and these folks have hope.

[Lands to the West]
Villagers are slightly confused as a unseasonably warm, almost tropical breeze washes over the villages and towns from the mountains. It lasts only a few moments, making people smile for the strange, but brief, relief from the chill. Some people have claimed if you listened, you could hear the laughter of a woman. The Frost Moon was also considered 'super' in some areas visually, and little children claimed it was so Pater Yule could see who was being naughty or nice on his way to Uncle Cecil's traveling tavern.
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