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Fae Lands: Anyone with connections to Fairie have heard rumors that the Iron Road through Fae was completed, but took significant damage. Any Fae who go near it feels that the place is unnatural and wrong, with the feeling getting worse and worse as they go closer to it. The few Fae who made it to the road found themselves able to cross for the time being at the more damaged locations. There is also a shortcut through Fae from Hell into The Realms.

Wendmor: A portal opened up in the mountains between Wendmor and Chimeron. Shortly after it opened, a small group of forces departed from it wearing maroon with gold heraldry. Shortly after that small force left, a contingent from the Chimeron Militia arrived to secure the portal. The people of Wendmor, still awaiting the trio from WendNor's return, are working with the governor and other Realmsies to consider how to "beef up defenses".

Neden: Those used as undead work forces have actually become sick - sick of Grebinar and Sir Syruss killing their co-workers. Theydemanded sensitivity training for the two former members of Grimloch if they are to remain citizens of Neden, but as one anonymous fellow within the ranks put it, "They're undead, we'll just command them not to care anymore."

Eagle's Rook/Unclaimed Lands: A merchant caravan noticed a troop of mixed ER militia soldiers marching toward the mountain ranges near the border of Sanctuary, Venomland. Most were carrying supplies, others were carrying tools or lumber. There was also a banner with a dagger with a red ribbon hoisted in the middle of the troop, alongside Arius' symbol on another banner, and one solid black banner toward the back of the troop.

Sapphire Isle: Foreman Sonya Isabella of the Sapphire Isle Coffee Plantations and Roasting House has not been seen in weeks. Words has it that she has taken ill, and some suspect is near death. The Sisterhood of the Jade Dragon has been requested to come and stay at her side, as they must commune to decide who will take on the roll as House Mother to represent them and all of those that work on the island. It is said she will be survived by her only daughter who is only four years old.

Chimeron: On Saturday, a contingent of the rank and file of the Chimeron Militia were mobilized from the city. Some reports say that the troops have marching orders to lay siege to a portal in unclaimed lands just outside the borders of the kingdom.

In Chimeron on Xaos' Missing Day: An odd, glowing light that seems to constrict and expand over and over is being called a 'knot' or a 'snarl'. Last seen at the Feast of Leviathan, it was moving by itself, some claimed, just rolling/bumping/tumbling down streets. Most commoners have dismissed it again as a wizard child's toy, which would not be that far fetched if the child belonged to the King. Still, it creates slight unease. As this is the second time this has happened in recent seasons.

Saurabia, Chimeron: Due to the permission granted at the past Black & White, non-sentient trees continue to re-populate the blank, green lands that Bedlam left behind. Some commoners in Chimeron are happy to find ways to gather sap, but Saurabians tend to enjoy the bark to scratch their backs on.

Across towns and villages in central Realms: lantern-lighter is not a new job when it comes time to light or snuff the lanterns around the living areas, but recently some buildings have had a green flame spread out instead of the usual glow that a candle produces.
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