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Wendell's Request

Type of Missve: Public
Date: Mar 24, 2009
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Greetings to the Realms,
For those of you who may not have heard of me, I'm am Leown Weldell. I am the leader of an immerging group/guild named the Templar Eternis. It has come to my attention that many in the Realms are concerned/interested in what we are and what we wish to be. The Templar Eternis first appeared a year ago at the feast of Chimeron. We were the ones to enlighten the Heroes of the Realms to the plot to disperse the Portal at Creathorne by a mercenary group.
We as a group are an able to hold any office or knighthood in any nation. This is so we may offer ALL nations an impartial party, should any wish it, to any dealings they may committ. Which, according to our Tenets, we are bound to secrecy unless to dealings are called into question in Court or parties involved wish it to be made public. Our ONLY ambitions are to gather information as close to the truth as possible on all things and share this information freely, if the sources agree to make such information free knowledge; and to perhaps someday have a single tower in every nation to act as nuetral territory where conflicting parties may safely come to work out their differnces. I, and those who have taken up the title of Eternis, bear the mark of a red scale upon a grey field with black and a white plates.(Click for an actual picture <http://i35.photobucket.com/alb...o.jpg>)
We do understand nations are fully capable of making their own deals and need no help from us. As we understand it in the realms of today no one offers such true national nuetrality, or offer to simply witness agreements as verifing body should such treaties/trade/etc. come into question. Beyond this we simply wish to help the realms as a whole become a happier and safer place. If any have questions and/or concerns I urge you full heartedly to send them directly to me. I'll be sure to be prompt in my reply and should you be in the area feel free to visit our tower upon fairhaven land.

Leown Weldell
Lord Eternis of the Templar Eternis

Note: We are currently trying to discover any information available about a nation we have found on old maps of the Realms.This nation, the Nation of Tarxs, seems to have suddenly dissappeared between the passing of seasons. Who were they? What were their beliefs? Why is their past nation now called "Twilight Ilse"? We would hate any nation to simply slip from the histories, as well as we wish to document and acknowledge the current leadership that may or may not reside there now.
First off, I am Sir Iawen the Wanderer, for I have no nation nor group. I'm a Knight of the Eternal Flame. I am looking to earn my name.

Secondly, I am very interested in your group. What needs to be done to gain entrance?

Thirdly, I know a lot about the Isle of Tarx historically, but all stories about it are different at this point from every direction.

A fae elf that is the current Champion of Chineron and brother to the King, Gryfinn Darkwillow, could tell you all about Tarx, in his own way. So could his former (very former) comrades, Draco of Mythguard (missing, believed deceased) and Lord Sir Higer of Darkspire (who is off on an engagement). There were also quite a few women that came and went, due to Gryf's... activities. Or so the stories say. You could also talk to Harlest, an amazing person who talks quietly and carries a big stick at times. He is quite sage and good on and off the field.

As for Tarx, it's on the back of a turtle that moves around (the Twilight Isle). Since that aggravates cartographers everywhere, there is a general Realms agree to draw it 'stationary'. Think of the Isle as a giant, living creature that is so old, things grow on and out of it, like barnacles upon rocks in the sea.

Did you also need to know the religion? The recent history (past decade)? The inhabitants? About the terrain?
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