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Darkvale Missives

Type of Missve: Public Lists
Date: Various.
Responses: Varied.
Always contested or argued about, to this day Darkvale is still a hot topic to press when in mixed company of the old.
I seek information on the providence of Darkvale. Seems according to rumor this land is not in order since its former lord took his leave of absence. Now, mind you I wish to make no enemies here amongst you, but I find this all very cowardly. Leave a land to ruin with no one to govern but silent guards? Shame to the dog that left with his tales between his legs to go and let these lands go to waste. To what purpose, to what reason?

But my emotion and anger take hold, and though I regret holding nothing back I feel it is due. May the Gods take pity for those in Darkvale and those who carry it's flag. I take pity on the souls who wear the colors.

I ask for answers to cool my anger, lest my imagination take hold. I pray for logic... though it seems there is none for those who make a home in Darkvale.

Jade Saixier
The White (May 26th, 1011 M.R.)

You are responding to rumor, and a lack of information, with strong words. Nothing is as simple as it seems, which should lead us all to consider when we judge and when we rant. Darkvale is not without leadership, and I am certain that the Lord who left did not do so without thought. You have no right to demand an explanation, but perhaps if you speak respectfully you will learn more.

Magus Atticus the Red
Regent of Pax Tharkus
Subject of Darkvale and Chimeron (May 26th, 1011 M.R.)
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