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Hell: Known Personas

Respite: Domain currently under the authority of a joint lordship consisting of the following individuals from the Realms:

Balthazar of Eagle's Rook
Dresden of Neden
Janus of Chimeron
Lako of Gau Dring
Slade of Grimloch
and myself, Gray Erikkson of Mayerling

Other known personalities of Hell (by no means a comprehensive list)
Ranek Bloodfeather: leader of the Bloodfeather clan
Tal'k Bloodfeather
- The Bloodfeather clan (or at least the leader Ranek) is currently considered non-hostile. A loose accord exists between the Bloodfeathers and the Realms, born of mutual interest - the destruction of the Quill of Judgment
- The Bloodfeathers can be distinguished by blue facepaint and, of course, feather accoutrements.

Captain Galdisha of the Four Armies
- The Four Armies appear to be neutral at this time in the matter of the disposition of Respite, but attacked forces from the Realms over Sir Guilliam O'Bearkin's stewardship of the Quill of Judgment. The Four Armies withdrew when stewardship was passed to Shandar of Invictus.

The Alicashi
- The Alicashi's last known appearance was that of two sultry imps, fair of body; foul of face, attitude, and intent. Considered hostile

The Fisherman
- Apparently a fallen angel, the Fisherman has aided mortal adventurers in the recovery of unjustly damned souls. Considered non-hostile, and may render assistance to efforts to free pure souls trapped in Hell
- The Fisherman has appeared as a tall bearded male in a white shirt, with a black head cloth and black gauntlets.

Merisan of the Council of the Damned

The Coinsmen Guild


- wore red and black

The Sleepwalker
- the Sleepwalker appeared as a faceless female who communicates directly into a person's mind rather than through mundane speech. Intentions unknown.
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