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The Temple of Nine

For His Majesty King Sir K, Sir Guilliam O'Bearkin, and all those who asked for it to be made public:

The Nine Flags, or 'Positions':

The Flayer of the Innocent
The Lord of the Pit
The Lord of Rending Flesh
The Patron of Betrayers
Cultivator of all the Poisons
They Who Plant Deception in the Minds of Mortals
The Desecrator(?)
The Corrupter of Souls
The Collector of the Forgotten

Those who chose to receive the Benediction (Valediction?) and thus take on those aspects for a bit (in no particular order):
Aiden Penclaw of Blackwood
Hayden of Rathkeale
Vandoria of Fairhaven
Kirk of Blackwood
(and a newer person I had never met, a man, looked human)

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