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Hidden Order Ritual

In our time of our Second Age of Man, there came a call to bring down the cruel and spiteful gods of
old. Gods cared not for our doings and brought plague, disease and creatures of utter darkness
upon us all. So came into being the Hidden Order, a coven of creatures, men, goblin, troll, elf,
drow and all that wished to fight against those that made puppets of our bodies and souls. And in
our Second Age was fashioned a weapon to destroy the gods of old. But when our weapon was
unleashed upon the gods, our Hidden Order did not know the Rules of Balance and when the
gods fell, creatures of our Hidden Order became gods themselves. Since that time, our Hidden
Order has used their knowledge sparingly. Time has come again when gods become petty and
care little for those that die in their name. And our Hidden Order seeks one that would strike
down gods and raise themselves on high. Be you one of courage and will, then make yourself
known to our Hidden Order. Encircle yourself with white earth. Place Water to the North, Fire
to the South, Blood to the East and Flesh to the West. Then stand with fists raised high and call
to the gods and deny their power three times. Our Hidden Order will then come to you to teach
you where to step upon your new path.

(OOC This ritual can only be done at an event. Then contact [Steven Matuelwicz] to let us know your character has completed the ritual.
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