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The Bedlam List

Type of Missve: Public Lists
Date: March 6th, 1013
Responses: one
I begin my trek to raise awareness of Bedlam and see if there are those who wish to join in the fight. I will be building an army, of those who want to stand for their homes against this threat. I ask for your support in this mission and ask that you allow me permission to enter your Lands so that i may attempt this. This army is not to do anything other than fight the Shadow that is looming. If you tell me your borders are closed then i will not speak of what my intentions are i ask that you do allow me to travel through your Lands if need be so that i may be in as many places at once. If anyone would like to travel with me please contact me. I plan to be out of the Western Borderlands by Monday and head south, i'll be heading for the coast and then northward, I'll try to hit every settlement and town im able to find and send runners out from me to reach the more remote areas. Please i ask you do not close your borders to me in my mission but i respect if you do.

To the members of the Church I understand if you cannot join me on this, it will not be an easy journey im sure. However look to your own Lands, do everything you can to be ready against this threat. In this world we still have many that must see the truth of themselves.

Keep the Laughter Alive
High Priest Lakomasoi Nuntiak
Squire to the Knights of Harlequin
Lako et all,

There is an army that has already been built and is still being added to every week or so, made of many denizens of the Realms (and some not). Ever growing, ever moving at a moment's notice if one asks, this army still can use quality, capable leaders within its ranks.

Perhaps you'd like to join and thus your skills can be used to assist and no "splitting of the party" would occur at this juncture.

- Sir Iawen Penn

(And if you or anyone else reading this would like to join (OOC: be on the list for combating Bedlam), please contact Laurante D'Rhian (OOC: request to join the Mailing List. At RealmsNET log in, then go to Mailing Lists, Sign Up, and look for bedlam-council@lists.realmsnet.net under Closed Lists. Set what type of e-mail you would like, and then contact Jeremy Sullivan to have him flip the switch on your e-mail (or moderators Leanne Hoffman or David Hayden). This is only if you wish to be privy to the in-game stuff. If you are curious as an OOC marshal, you may request that Janna Oakfellow-Pushee place you on there as well, but know that it is only as a marshaling tool, and you must have a solid reason).)
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