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Libraries of Dreaming

Gabriel's in Chimeron Proper, West Gate wall: Lucien's first Library was dedicated today on September 17th, 1014. Built by Kovaks under request from Sir Iawen, the building is known as Gabriel's, in honor of Lucien's brother. It is both an inn for sleeping and safety, and a library, with its first storybook being the tale of Lucien. Kovaks is the proprietor.

μεταμφίεση in Wendmor: Lucien's second Library was dedicated today on September 19th, 1014. Members of Ashenmark and Chimeron and many new and upcoming adventurers all pitched in on some days and evenings to get it finished over the summer. Sir Iawen was at the dedication, along with the rest of the villagers. μεταμφίεση (pronounced metamfíesi̱) is a long but one story safe-house to read and rest. As the bakery and other normal accommodations are within a walk, it has not much more than water available, cots and blankets and worn chairs and pillows, and much in the way of reading materials in many different languages. Incense bundles are sold there on an honor system; drop one silver in the box for five sticks.
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