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...and by "rules" I mean I found these and saved a copy on parchment on April 16th, 1006, so maybe it means something to someone. - A

1. Everyone shall obey the orders of the Captain or the second, chosen by the Captain, in his absense.
2. One half of the total treasure taken on any company endevor will be kept for matience of the ship, care of weapons, and supplies for later endevors. The remaining treasure, and prizes that won't be sold, will be shared out among the crew.
3. All silver, mythril, or metals of the like, taken on any endevor shall be given to the ship carpenter for the silvering of the crew's weapons.
4. The Captain takes one share and one half of all prizes. The master carpenter, boatswain, and gunner each take one and one quarter shares. Every other hand shall recieve one share.
5. The first man on the site of the company's next endevor shall recieve an extra one quarter share or the prizes taken.
5. Any man keeping secrets from the crew shall be marooned.
6. No man shall talk of breaking thier way of living until each each has earned a individual share of 100 gold. The man who conspires to desert shall be marooned.
7. The punishment for strikeing another crew member whilest on an endevor will be Mose's Law on the bare back. All quarrels shall be settled on shore, with 3' swords, till both men are satisfied.
8. The man who's arms are not fit for engagement, or neglects his duties shall not recieve his share of prizes, and may recieve aditional punishment if his actions lead to the injury of a fellow crew member; as to be determined by the Captain and the rest of the crew.
9. Any man who is found guilty of cowardice in the time engagement shall suffer what punishement the Captain and the rest of the company see fit.
10. Any man drunk at the time of engagement will be will suffer what punishment the Captain and the rest of the company see fit.
10. Should any man lose his scalp during an engagement, the remaining crew will work towards raising that man before any other goal, and once raised, that man shall recieve comensation of 30 gold.
11. If at any time you meet with a prudent woman, that man that offers to meddle with her, without her consent, shall suffer present Death.
12. Any man caught stealing any thing to the value of a tenth of gold from the company will be marrooned or killed.
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