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Lillia's Journal

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The World of Mazu'Rhu Taigan

This journal belongs to Lillia.

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Author's Note: This is by no means a complete compendium on everything that has to do with Mezu'Rhu Taigan (pronounced "Met-zoo Are-oo Tay-ghen in the tongue of the Realms). After all, how could you contain all of a culture that has spanned thousands of years in a single book? This is instead a primer, touching on the hilights of this world in brief. As time flows differently in the Realms where I come from, all of the dates are based on the
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year I first started this project. Adjust the dates accordingly, as from the Realms year '03.

I only hope what I've found out in my travels here can be of use to someone aside from myself and Laurante.

- The Lily of Nox
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The World of Mezu'Rhu Taigan
"Mezu'Rhu Taigan" means, as far as I can translate roughly "The Other". A more detailed translation is recorded in an epic poem about how this world was created and its first few years of existance, but wouldn't fit in this book and takes about two days to recite. This world is only connected loosely to the Realms, and it doesn't seem connected to any other plane at all. Not even a God can send their influence into this world
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without some sort of "anchor" to it, but how and what an achor is isn't discussed or written.
It was created a long time ago when a group of mages of various non-human races grew wary of the rising dominance of humanity and decided to create a haven for their People. In doing so, the Fae were accidentally copied, stuck in whatever part of their Cycle they were in before the Creation. The spellcasters of the various races who accomplished this feat were all killed in the process, so details of the Creation aren't as
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available as one would wish.

(still working. - I)
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