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Story the First

Tell me a story about... THE FORGOTTEN PUPPETEER

Once upon a time, there was a woman who loved children. She made friends for them, special animal friends who could teach them all sorts of things. But the children began to leave her and her animals to go watch the heroes, the warriors of sword and spell. This made the woman sad because she didn't want to see the children grow up to be heroes where they would get hurt and die. She wanted them to stay curious, happy children forever. So one day, she created the guardians to protect her children and then took the children to live with her so they could be happy forever.

And the children were happy with the woman, but the parents were sad because they did not know where their children were. So one day, the heroes were asked to look for the missing children. This made the woman angry, because now the heroes were going to take her children away again. But she didn't want to fight, so she decided to tell them a story and show them how they were destroying the future. The heroes made their stand against her, believing that they were right. And she stood against them with her words, believing she was right.

In the end, the woman faded away and she was never heard from again.
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