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I Have No Brother

Author: Unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: Black and White '13
Date: 10/26/13
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn
When one Darkchild appeared, it was an ill omen.

When two Darkchildren appeared, mothers clutched their children closer and prayed they would pass.

When a score of Darkchildren appeared, the people abandoned the town as a lost cause.

They fell upon the abandoned town near sunset; gathering as the last rays of the sun caused the shadows to grow and dance with the dying light. All had a rough cast to their features and their eyes betrayed a hint of agelessness behind their black masks.

"I see you, Vaelanna," said the tall man who's mask told his tale as a soldier and spoke of overcoming great odds. He smiled. "Why have you called the Voshnak together? We have not all been together since the Time of the Oath."

"I see you, Karrofen," said the smaller woman who's mask told her tale as a hunter who outlived each of her five children. "Ever quick to the point as always." She smiled back but the smile did not spread to her eyes.

"I see you, Karrofen," said another man, older than the rest, who's mask told his tale as skilled weapons master from a long time past. "We all see you and know what you have done." He spat at the ground. "Why? Tell us why."

"Parn." Karrofen frowned at the older man and outright scowled at the woman. The others gathered to hear what he had to say. "Vaelanna, you of all people should know why. How many of your children did you watch die? How many people have we seen murdered...savaged by the spread of the Wilds? It was for their own good!"

The older man placed a calming hand on the smaller woman. "They are dead all the same, man." he said. "You did not answer my question. Why?"

"Why?" Karrofen spat back at the older man. "They would not listen! Everything we swore, everything we sacrificed...we did this for them! Better that they died by my hand, than be consumed by the Wildborne nightmares. I did not murder them, I gave them the gift of mercy!"

A murmur swept through the crowd. A few shook their heads. A few looked away in disgust.

"You go too far, Karrofen." Parn said shaking his head. "You go too far."

"Too far," said another from the crowd.

"This is not the way of the Voshnak," cried another.

The clamor rose and then fell suddenly as a quiet voice spoke clearly and with finality.

"This is not our way. I have no brother named Karrofen," Vaelanna said quietly. And with that, she turned her back on him.

Bewildered, Karrofen turned to each of the gathered Darkchildren as they in turn looked away from him and renounced him.

Finally, Parn sighed. "You would do well to give yourself to the Greater Task and end your life with dignity. Until then, I know no one named Karrofen." With that, he too turned his back on the man.

Shaking with rage, Karrofen grabbed each of the Darkchildren and tried to make them face him. No matter how hard he tried, they would not look him in the eye. "You say I have dishonored our Vow! You know NOTHING! I live and breath my Vow every day while you skulk and hide. You die only to live again and do nothing! I saved those people! Every one of the hundreds I killed were saved from a worse horror. I will show you all. I name my Task! I will destroy the Wilds themselves and with them, I will die forever!"

Karrofen did not see the backs of his once brothers in arms stiffen at his declared Task, one that seemed truly impossible.

He did not see Vaelanna remove her mask and add another mark symbolizing another death for her family.

He did not see Parn shed a tear in compassion.

He did not see any of these things. He say only his goal. His Task to be a warrior against the Wildes until they fell... and he fell with it.

(Errors kept in case of any clues to be sought out. - Iawen)
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