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Slaying Tom

Written for the mobile light beacon, performed by Tara Harkon (and, through a twist of fate, Tria Highwater) on the night that Faerie fell.

For to slay Mad Tom of Bedlam
To darkness’ heart we’ll travel
The Realms it goes on bleeding toes
From the years of hard-fought battle

Light will sting bonny boys, Tom and his boys,
Bedlam’s days are numbered
For we’ll strip them bare, lay them out in the air,
Wake the Titans from their slumber

For Peter’s love of family
He hid the whole truth from me
‘Til the planes were crossed and the world was lost
Then he finally told the story

My staff took from the giants
A watch, a ring, a journal
For to cut through time and stop a crime
That corrupted death eternal

There was a smith undying
Whose forge was fury’s hollow
His soul was rent and to Hell was sent
‘Til by darkness he was swallowed

To save the queen of Faerie
Five Counselors were hired
From Earth and Sky and Water high
To the realms of Space and Fire

All the gods were called to gather
From the churches and the altars
And they all will play on a fateful day
When the mortal power falters

Both creatures light and frightening
Did flee the plane of Faerie,
But the sun is king and the moon is queen,
And the palace still is faring.

Upon the World Horizon,
We turned the moon to powder
Dawn Tomorrow fell, Night Sky as well
So we cry our wishes louder.

In the vault of Wellman treasure
Was the engine for a portal
And for Quetzal we sound the call
To the Book of Moons and mortals.

With a host of devious demons,
And many a commander,
In the burning flame we fight the same,
For not even Hell we squander.

With all Titans’ power
The world shall be forsaken,
So we shall bring the fight to Tom,
And no more will be taken.

He’ll now regret that ever
Poor Tom was so disdainful
‘Ere all is lost, he’ll pay the cost
And his death shall be most painful.
Created by Demetria Highwater (Rhiannon Chiacchiaro) at 05-05-13 03:49 PM
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