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Black and White 1012

At the 1012 Black and White several casters, including Ezra, Po, Borjid, Shane, Velvet, a follower of Cronos, and myself attempted to learn what we could about Bedlam while in the safety of a giant circle of light. Laurante also lent us a wand that allowed us to cast magic to find out about Bedlam without that magic becoming corrupted.

Before we started casting spells Velvet tore out her eyes and went with Cronos so that she could see time in ways a normal mortal couldn't. She wants to help us in the fight against Bedlam in the best way she can. Before she faded away she saw several visions. We started with what she said out loud, that we could understand, and went from there:

Note: Exact wording will be placed inside of quotes. If not in quotes assume I am paraphrasing or pulling from what I can remember.

Question: What was the answer Velvet was referring to?
Answer: "The last word was death." People heard the rest of it, but not the last word.

After talking we realized this referred to the question asked of the Seed of Knowledge from the Great Library of Fey.

Question: Prophesy - "What do we not know about the fight against Bedlam that we need to know?"
Answer: "If you wish to stop Bedlam you must first stop it from having conquered death."

Question: Guidance - Is death in this case The Grey Man?
Answer: No

Question: Vision - How do we stop Bedlam from having conquered death?
Answer: You must gain "mastery over time." To do this you need the watch and Cowperthwaite. He doesn't know he has this power. Mastery over time "will destroy the clock and his tools." Cowperthwaite can do it "but the clock must be used for other things first."

Question: Lady Aurora, what must the clock be used for before Cowperthwaite uses it? Intervention
Answer: "To gain ultimate power, unite the watch of lacunae, the book of moons, and the ring of sanguinity."

Ezra then got a precognition that said "You have an ally. He is your best hope now. You can probably trust him this time."
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