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February 1st

The Black Star Guild has Kara now. They have taken him to their hideout inside Blackwood. Unfortunately for them, there is a way around the bloody stupid Planar Shield Stone. If you want to cast magics to look into this matter do so while in the lands covered by the Stone. The Stone only stops magic and godly powers from going into and out of it. It has no effect on anything that is inside. Adaeonae can be called upon in there at times but weakly, and a godlike being who is currently the Guardian of a Golden Oak I planted in Achoria can be called upon as well. I do not have a name for this being unfortunately but if your intent is strong enough he will hear you. While I am reticent to suggest this. Marduath can be called upon if he happens to be possessing Valas and in the lands at the time you call on him. If it's not beneficial to him he won't care two wits about you though.

The time to take the battle to the Guild may be sooner than we planned. At least they won't have the advantage of superior Rune knowledge while in the Shield Stone's domain.

February 8th, 1011 M.R.
Hello All,

In our quest to find Freesia, we had lunch in Fae with Queen Nimbus. While there I was given a map of Achoria and it shows where a Sect of the BSG called the Torch are staying. They are in the Crypt of Snakes and Stars, which is NW of Derkhelden-NE of the caved in tunnels. It was also mentioned that Valas is not responding to any missives.

On the topic of Freesia, she is no longer on the "radar" of the Queen. We believe she has wandered into the Mysts. We are making plans to attempt to get her back. For the moment we are in Chimeron, I will let you know when we are to move on.

I will attempt to put a copy of the map in the Ivory Library.


If you have issues trying to get the picture published in the Library, send it to me and I'll make it work.

Stop letting your work pile up and answer, you fool. Don't seclude yourself as much as he did. - Baron Byecross

P.S. Why haven't you reported back to me on their moves yet?


I appreciate the heads up, I will see what I can gather regarding these BSG members in Achoria.

As for me not responding to missives and not being out and about, I've had a rather difficult time adapting to this winter and have spent nearly all my time indoors. If anyone has any questions or concerns you are welcome to write or visit.

Be Well,
Valas Baneshot
July 13th, 1011


I'm writing with some bad news, now that we have confirmed that sharing it won't present a further problem. (The news could have meant that this channel was compromised, but we know now that it isn't.)

Some of you may remember Ged and myself working on a frantic project on Saturday night in Paradise. A few of you even helped, and so are more familiar with what went on. I wanted to shed some light on this, as suspect Ged will be able to elaborate.

We have recently learned of two betrayals. First, that someone betrayed us to the Blackstar Guild when we were coming to rescue Valas-- This nearly led to his permanent obliteration. Second, while we were in the Dreaming more recently, Nimbus witnessed someone betraying her further while we encountered bedlam. (For those who don't know-- That was Nimbus herself, in a dream, drowning in a river of Bedlam.) Believe it or not, these two betrayals aren't the news I am writing about.

At one point in the afternoon, Ged was working on investigating these betrayals. (The second, I believe.) In so doing, he had a vision of what appeared to be Magnus Heavyhammer, surrounded by a rune spell that included at least one Blackstar rune. Unfortunately, seeing this spell caused it to be cast upon Ged himself.

Ged was able to escape, due to his own magical protections. However, it was in a sense too late. We learned that part of his star (his compassion) was missing, acting as a second copy but not a complete one. Members of the Shield, having stolen the faces of members of the Chimeron militia, attempted to spirit this copy of Ged away to the Circle. These Blackstars also spoke of needing to recover "a Heavyhammer".

Through much effort and fast action, we were able to recover the missing piece of Ged, and reassemble the two. We devised a spell to summon the copy to the original Ged, and a further spell to reunite the two once the copy was willing. (There appears to be some risk to those participating in the spells.)

Just to summarize:
- The Blackstars appear to have a spell that can shatter your soul, and/or make a copy of you.
- The Blackstars made a shard/copy of Ged, which we were able to recover.
- The Blackstars referred to having such a copy of Magnus as well.
- These copies may not know they are copies. It's likely that if they aren't convinced within a few hours, they will never know.
- The Shield were able to pose as specific militiamen, copying their faces.
- We do not know if there are other such shards or copies of pathwalkers out there.

Magnus-- Obviously, you're the first among us who needs to know about this, as it appears that the one known existing shard/copy is of you. If possible, could you fill us in on any relevant memories, perhaps around seeing a five-point spell with a Blackstar rune, or losing consciousness, or your time in the Dreaming on Friday night?

Thank you,


This is extremely important information, and I thank you for sharing
it with us. I will also remind people that in the visions I had of
Valas during his imprisonment, he had also been replaced by a Black
Star copy. This one was one of the shield I believe, who had assumed
his face. So it is possible that both types of copies are around,
impersonating Path Walkers.

I'm starting to feel that perhaps we should devise some method of
testing each of us to ensure that none of us are copies/disguised
Black Stars. Any of us might say we aren't copies, but that could be
because we honestly don't know we are. I know this sounds like an
intrusion of privacy, but I would be willing to volunteer myself as a
test subject so that we can determine the exact method and ensure that
all it does is detect Black Star tampering and nothing more. If we do
it right, we might also be able to check for things like Orado's
issues with "Harvey" or if any of us are currently under the effects
of a Skew Divination from them.

Let me know if anyone is interested in working on this; I think it
might be a great way to work together and hit them hard by taking down
their methods of observation.

To elaborate on a few points,

Others have confirmed that these copies do not have access to the full memories of the original. My copy in particular was much "smaller" than me, spiritually speaking. It could pass as me, but could not have been, for example, grilled for information too dangerously.

I was actually looking in to the first betrayal, that of the Torch being warned of Valas' rescuers approaching. Therefore, the spell which copied Magnus could have been cast much earlier.

I personally have been copied before, and so when Atticus hurried over to me saying "Ged! I think you might be a copy!" and later, when I said to the piece of myself that it was actually just a shard, I was fairly willing to accept it, and stopped to work out confirmation and listen to the truth. If you have not had this happen to you, it is well worth putting yourself through mental simulations in an attempt to be ready for it and be able to react correctly if you are ever told that this has happened.

Thankfully, due to the incomplete nature of the copies, our senses tied to the Counselors should help clear things up. I know that those with access to Space can detect and identify other pathwalkers, and could surely recognize a "smaller" or incomplete piece nearby. In addition, I believe the ones tied to Water and Sky can sense when we are in danger, which should prove particularly helpful in identifying a copy.

- Ged

That is correct.
Defenders have the ability to check on each of the Counselors and the Pathwalkers to determine who is in danger or ok.
Sometimes this sense is more specific, sometimes not.
Thank you for the information.
I am not a copy.
- Magnus

We agree that you aren't a copy. This channel of communication is secure, so the copy wouldn't have access. However, at the moment we should assume there is still a copy out there.

That being the case, we will need a way to know in person whether we are dealing with the real you, or the copy. It could be a matter of life and death, or frankly worse.

I'd suggest that each Pathwalker (all of us) focus on Magnus, and see if any of us have a sense that confirms the existence of the copy. It could relate to the Blue pathwalker ability, or some that the Purple pathwalkers have, at the very least. If so, that sense will allow us to check on whether there are other copies, and may let us detect the presence of copies in person.

Does that sound good? - Atticus

Whatever floats your boat. I am not worried. The realms doesn't know what to do with one of me as it is.
Also, for the record:

The plural of Magnus is Magni. Think about that shit.

Additionally, if he is me...likely he gets my letters in one place or another as they are replicated to my many places of living. And I am one dangerous guy.
Its like Scalds all over again, except... less water and more solid.

-Magnus the First
...Okay, anyone else find that signed weird?

Magnus, did you send me a letter earlier?

Magnus is still with Rev. I haven't been able to get in touch with him to give him back his amazing dagger either.

We refer to that baby Ilithid as Magnus the Greater as to not to confusing him with Magnus of Folkestone. (He's also kind of an ugly baby kitty. He's very sensitive about it)


I must be misunderstanding your tone. It sounds like you don't care that there's a copy of you out there, probably being manipulated by the Blackstar Guild, and who appears to have already betrayed us all at least once. This copy could be a threat to your loved ones, your countrymen, the rest of us, and the Queen.

I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume that I have that wrong, and that I am misunderstanding your tone and your statements.

As for whether he has access to these letters-- Remember that they are not simply letters. We have confirmed that this channel of communication is still secure. - Atticus

I had a dream a very long time ago about a copy of myself. Almost eleven months ago. I've no idea what became of it and I don't recall too much of the dream anymore. Merely that I saw another of myself. It also explained some weird occurances. For example, it is still unknown how or why I have a connection to the Duchess of Beauty. (This appears to have been a benevolent connection, however.) I don't believe I've ever met her personally.

Then again, as Tria mentioned, there's the Harvey aspect.

Sorry Faelinne forgot about the little guy.
I should have signed it "Magnus the Lesser".
Rev and I had a long chat at one point about his friend "Magnus the Greater".
I still like to think of myself as first.

Atticus, do you have more information than I have read? How did a copy of myself betray us if we all have been dealing with me and not copy me?
By the way, Magni... it makes me smile.

Anyway. Until someone points out what my threat has been doing; I am not concerned. Why, you might ask?
Well, here is the simple truth. I know myself. As long as no one has a listing of something that person has done that is bad; I believe my copy is doing what my copy does.
Which is likely non-evil as I am not evil in nature. Unless someone attacks his friends or family; you all should be just fine.

He is a copy of a farmer. Granted a Farmer with scars; but a farmer none the less. He is likely farming somewhere.

-Magnus the Lesser
Only the real Magnus would remember that. You're all set, Atticus. :)

(still helping)

This is actually very important, and I thank you, Magnus, for bringing it up.

There are two steps to the copying process. The copy itself being made is, as you say, of yourself, and so normally would not be terribly dangerous.

However, the Black Star Guild knows how to track them when they create them. They found my copy very quickly.

The second step is capturing the copy, and torturing it until it breaks. Then they implant suggestions, or even just gain its loyalty and send it out once more.

This is the danger. And yes, I know we are all powerful adventurers and can withstand pain and torture and so on. The Black Star Guild has methods. Do not assume that your copy will be able to stand up to it. It will not.

Magnus, your copy may be acting as a farmer, normally, in order to avoid suspicion. But it is also entirely possible that when the time comes, it is serving Black Star Guild masters now, and this may have repercussions beyond any we expect.

- Ged


I'm trying not to bang my head against the desk as the discussion gets more and more complicated. Simple solutions everyone.

1: If the copies are as imperfect as suspected. A simple Identify/Identify Creature will reveal a great deal of truth.
2: When worried about being skewed. Hire an unknown to cast your spells. They don't have the numbers or resources to skew everyone out there.

Laurante D'Rhian

I think Ged has a good point. The word "copy" is probably wasn't my best choice in describing this. These are incomplete versions of the originals-- and if they are incomplete, they can almost certainly be changed or otherwise compromised.

I understand the tendency to trust yourself-- But ask yourselves this: Why would the Blackstar guild go to the trouble of copying one of us, if they couldn't get something out of it. In addition, remember that what we know about the copies suggests that a piece of the original is missing.


Well Ged,

In that case, I would watch out. If the copy has half of my knowledge and training from Da'oud and Caspian...and none of my compunctions to continue to do good...
Yeah, I would be one scary and dangerous person. I can see that picture.

Atticus, I am still waiting to hear what Magnus the Second has done to date, if you wouldn't mind enlightening me. - Magnus

We don't know for sure what your "shard" has done, if anything. I was writing to make people aware of a possible danger, more than anything else. I worry you believe I'm trying to accuse you indirectly through him, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

We believe he may have been involved in informing the Blackstar guild when we would be going to rescue Valas, but the evidence is circumstantial. There's an even smaller chance it was him who threw the story Nimbus was trying to protect in the dreaming back into Bedlam. All I know is that he came up as we were investigating those betrayals, nothing more.


Thank you Atticus. I can appreciate conjecture, but would not want people's opinions of these doppelgangers tainted by speculation alone.
We know little from what I hear other than they exist and the BSG tries to use them. Everyone should remember that.
I was attempting to defend the truth and knowledge from rumor and speculation and fear. I appreciate the assistance.

I would like to share with people what happened in the dreaming.
You should know. Bedlam was there. Some representation of Nimbus was there.
There was a Bois to my knowledge and I saw him walk at you guys.

There was also a story...which I could not read. It was covered in blackness.
A single page was legible.

The basic gist was this:
Without the counselors to support her, Nimbus dies to bedlam. Overcome by the darkness.
Bedlam is everywhere in all places. Even where we least expect it.

As a side note....Bedlam does not feel good on one's hands. I hope never to have to reach my hands into the inky darkness again. The taint is cold and wet and gross.

In service to the Light,
Sir Magnus Heavyhammer
Steward of Achoria
Knight of Blackwood

If everyone is so worried about the possible existence of copies or the damage they could cause to us in the future, why don't we do a bit of searching. I propose either a trip to the dreaming or spells to be cast by a couple people (to confirm the answers) to figure out how the copies are made, for what purpose they have been made, who has been copied and how we can avoid/prevent future copying.

While at the moment this may not be the first priority, a few minutes of time on a few people's parts could give us all piece of mind and ensure our future efforts are not hindered as these next few steps become more and more critical to the protection of the queen.

I do not personally have spells but I will be more than happy to arrange or accompany a group to a seeing place to find these answers.

~ Aymise
Aymise, that is basically what I had suggested hours ago (the spells and research), but it seems nobody read it. Also, Laurante, an ID Creature is not always enough to tell a copy. When there were two Geds, they both identified as Fae, so it's not unheard of that if they are doing things like perhaps chipping off pieces of stars or making duplicate ones or something like that, the spells might not yield useful results. Again, I propose some sort of undertaking (perhaps this can be a University Project, Atticus?) to set up a series of spells or enchantments or something to detect who, if any of us, have Black Star tampering and then going from there. At the very least, it means we can figure out who we should be watching and who might not be trustworthy.

July 14th, 1011
Perhaps we just need a safety word or question. Maybe even an object clearly visible. Something that we could all know if not answered correctly, or on them, its the imposter.
Just a thought, quicker et easier than a spell, unfortunately a touch easier to bypass.

James Swift
The only problem with that is the fact that if there are any
copies/observers right now, they will get the password and then this
whole process will have been for naught. Maybe we should do the
confirmations first and *then* give out the password.

And here I thought someone said this channel of communication was secure?
Yes, to copies most likely, but people who have Black Stars in their
head or something will still possibly be able to pass on the

I don't think we should be jumping to any conclusions at this point. If we only knew a bit more about the situation, we'd know how much of a risk it is and how many precautions we need to take. Certainly the last thing we want to do is place unwarranted mistrust between the counselors over something that might be.

I'm replying separately about the copies, or shards, or whatever they are. I thought it might confuse things to mix that conversation with my other questions.

In short-- You're right. We shouldn't assume that the copies, or shards, or whatever they are are simply evil or compromised. They are definitely very much like the originals, at least in some ways.

However, I do think we need to be very conscious of the possibility that they could be, and the danger that would represent. Be need to be watchful, and we need to learn what the Blackstars have planned.

And there is something else If what happened to Ged is normal, then there's more to this than a copy Ged was missing a piece of himself in a very clear way. Part of his soul, and of his personality, was gone. While the other him was out there, the real Ged did not have the part of his could containing his compassion. His personality was changed. This could happen to others who have a copy out there.

Again, I'm not saying we know anything for sure. I'm saying we have leads, and possibilities to be wary of, and things to investigate.

Thank you, Atticus
Apologies for the copious clerical errors in that missive! Most importantly, I meant to say that Ged was missing the piece of his SOUL containing his compassion.


(The writing of this missive is shaky and barely legible)

Can you feel them? The copies?


Are you all right? I've noticed your messages look odd lately.

As far as I know, people can't feel when they have copies. Ged only worked it out after casting spells, I think. However, he DID feel that something was missing right away, which led him to investigate further.


(This message is darkly stained in one corner, with very messy writing as well.)

I can only hope that was a copy. Will have to explain tomorrow.

(The letter is signed as though someone tried to draw an O, quickly. They failed miserably, gave up and sent it.)
She may be referring to the vivid day-dream some of us just had. We were being force fed crap while you mages watched from hiding. She assumed, as do I, that we may have witnessed our clones being tortured by the Blackstar...or it was just some bad food we had for lunch. Either way I feel like crap.

Oh, oh! I see!

Based on its nature, I thought only we "Mages" had that dream! I believe Ged may be able to fill us in more, as I gather he has already confirmed that the dream was about Valas, presumably when he was taken by the Blackstar Guild.


...So everyone is having it then...all of the Mages had that dream
last night. I got hit with a super special wallop and was so sick that
I thought I was actually about to die. I still feel really sick today
and I am an inch away from crying at any given moment.

Ged was able to discover last night that we were seeing memories of
when Valas was being imprisoned and tortured. This only confirmed what
I was sure of as soon as the dream started for me. I am afraid that
perhaps it has to do with the giant rigmarole involved with getting
him back into his body, but I haven't yet been in the right state of
mind to try and investigate the cause any further.

Add me to the list of people who had a disturbing dream. - PO
Myself as well. I can also can confirm that the dream was caused, in at least a fashion, by Valas.

Till the After,
At this point, it seems that everyone is having it. Has anybody not had it?

I haven't. -Phee
I have not had the dream which you re all talking about. Perhaps there is a
different thread other than on a path that we are missing. That being said,
perhaps after the whole issue with Clubs, they can not do it again for me.

The Mages, Defenders, and Inventors have had it. The Druids and
Dreamers did not. At least, this is what I'm getting from role call so
far. Janus is probably right that there is another thread involved.
Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the Dreamers have finished
their challenges, but I don't know why the Druids would be exempt as

August 8th


There's a task I need one of you to take up for awhile. With my limited access to Seer spells and my limited ability to talk with Aisling right now. I can't continue to look for Lost Runes or find out about the ones that get killed.

Sennaz should still be with Kaz down in the Southern Wastes. He and I kept getting sidetracked whenever we tried to meet up to see what she wants to do.
Elhazt is back in the hands of the Black Star Guild. The coward is more than likely hiding something for them once again.
I lost track of Mannaz awhile ago.
Kara should still be with Kovacs. I'm really not comfortable with my friend being there. I would like to see him come live in Paradise where he's unlikely to be treated poorly because of how he looks now. Fighting demons got in the way of talking to her about him.

Sakua, Haku, Paasa, Benwilo, and Jeta have moved on and can not be brought back to become Runes again.

Laurante D'Rhian

(still working. - A)
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