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Missives on this Vision

Responses to this vision. ~Aven


Now that I feel confident that the tool provided by Dreamer is being used, and you all are collaborating. I am going to provide a large amount of info. Please bear with the size of this missive.

First I'll share what I was shown which brought me to start the puzzle I created for B&W.

Vision: Must each counselor position have 5 individuals
vying for the position in order for a counselor to be chosen?

The vision is very blunt with Laurante, so blunt, it almost looks like black text on white background.

Mages: It was supposed to be that way, but they're running out of time.

Dreamers: Yes, because then the other four can help the
fifth who takes the spot. There's nothing to oppose a Dreamer. And yet
they're just sitting there, not knowing what to do. What to do, indeed.

Defenders: There are only four, because everyone else is
frightened off for trying. A fifth would round out the group, that was
more active. A Defender doesn't mean a fighter. It means one willing to *Defend* regardless of the cost, and will not be swayed by half-truths and rumors.


Inventors: One among them knows exactly what to do. Whether he shared that with his fellow Inventors, unknown.
At this point, while we have been waiting to follow Tradition,
we no longer can.
We will take the best one we can,
I and Faerie will lift them up on high as a clear victor... if they are indeed the clear victor.
We need everyone against Bedlam.
We're running out of time.

We need to find that Tower.
Vision Ends.

Sadly I can not remember the context of why I know this information, but it pertains to the tower. Aqui' Nassi: Very Deep Fae guarding the tower to the north.

On Rosetta and a something. Pieced together from several visions and seances. Jealous that the others were given their own Deep Fae he sought out his own. Taking advantage of this an ancient and powerful being who was not a Deep Fae, and confirmed as not the Gruagach, came to Rosetta and an agreement was made. I'm still working on what the agreement entails. This being will honor the agreement made with the Mage. In a vision to determine what that meant I saw 3 things. The BSG release Rosetta from his prison and the being stayed, the hero's released Rosetta and the being was gone, and finally Rosetta was left imprisoned and the being stayed.

Masks is silent not because he wants to be, but because he has to be. Like all Deep Fae, if a mortal hears them speak they will die unpleasantly. They are ancient beings of immense power.

In regards to the door that Masks and Harlest were behind. To open the door one had to approach it as if they were a servant and present the gift while speaking his true name. The words, if I remember right, were not as important as the intent. When I told Aymise what to do, I may not have stressed that point as well as I had meant to and she chose words that sounded like she was declaring herself the servant. Which worked just as well, but may have given a wrong impression.

Masks has cycled. How or why? I do not know, and have not had the time to devote to finding out.

The Gruagach is Laika's nightmare.

The Twilight Fae were given to Rel as his servants.

I can paraphrase the story of Tom the Ice Mage. But not here because this is not his story. Ask me in person.

I can also, in person, give an accounting of Cuchullain, Bedlam, and the purging.

I feel as if there is more I know, but it's just not coming to me at this time. Keep discussing things and posing questions, and maybe I'll remember. I've collected a lot of information over the years.

Laurante D'Rhian


All I can say is thank you for sharing this. It actually explains quite a few things I had been wondering.

I think I may be able to shed the smallest bit of light on the being that Rosetta may have made the deal with. A very long time ago, I, as well as Tillion and someone else who I can't remember (Til, do you?) ended up in the Dreaming. I believe we spent some time in Matthew's Place before we came upon a sort of amorphous being (now that I think of it, the thing might have been incorporeal). I can't name it, because it didn't have a name and I'm not sure that giving it one would be a good idea. It was some sort of storyteller, and it spoke in that manner that some higher beings do: somewhat condescending, very mysterious as if it had a secret that it loved holding over you. It told us that Rosetta (and I believed it used the pronoun "she" in the story) made some kind of deal with it, not knowing the consequences, or perhaps more accurately, underestimating what would happen. It told us that it was important that we don't learn of the actual deal, because doing so would cause history to repeat itself. I don't know if that's still the case, but I'm willing to let the past be in the past unless we find out that we absolutely can't go on without knowing.

One more thing. I was able to once visit Rosetta in the Mysts, during his banishment. Ged was there too, but he touched something and was pulled back out with no memory. When I was there, I was confronted by a faerie who had been sent to guard him. She (looked like a she at least) had green and blue hair and, by Luna, I can't shake the feeling that she had a shield with the symbol of Nimbus on it. She had forgotten her name from being in the Mysts so long, but she did remember that she was assigned to stand guard over Rosetta and keep him from getting out.

Also, what is a Very Deep Fae? Sounds like just a really powerful Deep Fae, but I could believe they're a separate race entirely.



The other one with us I believe was Valerie. I could be quite mistaken, but I think that's who it was. That being has more than a few names if the puzzle fits together cleanly, and I believe the three of us gave it another name without fully intending to. I should think more on this, it may be important or may be irrelevant and distracting us from the real tasks at hand. We'll see soon enough.



The being in question was released from it's imprisonment when Gideon and I destroyed Gwydion's tower. I'm not sure how that fits with your timetable. I need to cast Speak in order to understand it any time I spoke with it, and even then that did not always help. One time when I asked it who it was, without the Speak spell. It kept drawing black stars on the wall beside me until I cut off the Seance.

I'm not sure what a very deep fae is. I can't remember the context of the information. I just know it was important enough for me to write down. What I can tell you is there are parts of Fae that no one has even seen or been to in milenia, and I know time works oddly in Fae. However I know the last time someone besides me tread upon the place was when Veryan first died and was buried several thousands of years ago during the Color Wars. Which is a long story I'll share in person, and should probably share with someone who can transcribe it for the Ivory Library.

Laurante D'Rhian


We met the Dreaming creature far before Gwydion's Tower, we're talking first few months that I was in the Realms. I believe Til is right that it was Valerie with us there. If that creature is gone, it might be prudent to move on, but I would not argue if someone thought that a follow up was still relevant.

Feel free to tell me the story when you get a chance (I don't think there will be much time when we go to Achoria, perhaps Uncle Cecil's), and I'll write it down for you.

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