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Straight Forward

I watched as the professor of the Highbridge University leaned back in his seat after a long bout of paperwork. His hand reached out to his right and closed over a small stone heart, and then he seemed to be resting, eyes closed. ... I asked my lord Domino to supply me with the rest of the information. Hope She doesn't get angry. - Aven

Your majesty, the people trying to be your counselors seem to think that the chosen counselors each need supporters who also walk the path. Like a group of mages, to support The Mage, and so on. Are they just flat out wrong about that?
Everyone needs friends, needs true support. I am sure in your short time adventuring, and your long time over in your world, that you have seen many a false-face friend, one who only supports a thing or person or cause if it is popular, or wishes glory or riches or a treasure indescribable, like love, or the ear of royalty. But show some blood, show some genuine, extraordinary people the right way to go, and all of a sudden those 'friends' feel threatened, and fall away. If they fall away from me because of popular opinion, Bedlam, or anything, were they friends to begin with, or just comfortable allies? Tools? They do not need a network to *become* a Counselor, no. That was made up by one of you, and the power of Will in Words made it so. There is no need to have a 'Counselor's Counselor or Council', none of that. It is good, however, to have true friends for when a burden needs sharing, easing, venting...
I agree that we all need support, and advice and friends. It helps to know that on a fundamental level, it's not actually part of the nature of this endeavor, though. Do we know who made up the idea that the counselors needs counselors?
I do, I understand why they did it, and out of respect for that one, I shall not utter their name.
I can certainly respect that. They seem to be trying to finish a quest, rather than fill the roles. Will the counselors be able to do their whole job if they aren't genuinely your personal friends?
Yes. Sad, but true.
What happens if someone is officially the counselor, but not your true friend?
They then make the Counselor position what they wish it to be, and they shape Faerie as Faerie shapes them. Remember the stories: Gwydion refused it at first, and then came back very, very late. Talking with the spirit of Gwydion, if such a thing is possible, I would recommend. He is the most human.
It strikes me that this means a counselor who wasn't also your friend could do the job as it applies to aiding Faerie, but they couldn't entirely be what you yourself need from the counselors. Is that right?
Yes. (wave of sadness) Mab never forced us... but how could you ever say no to Her? Joy and Rapture clothed in the milk of moonlight and sunbeams... this time around, they get more free will and choices than I ever had, or ever wanted.
That seems to mean that, in the sense I meant, the counselors do need to be your friends now to do the job well, even if Faerie will accept them. I think it's important for them all to know that. Are any of the counselors already officially chosen at this point?
No.(The time of this was June 15th, 1011 M.R. - Aven.)
Are there any that you have personally chosen, as friends and advisers who suit one of the roles?
I once thought I knew what I wanted, but what I want and what Faerie needs are two different things. Besides, I am much easier to compromise with. Faerie, not so much, nor would I ever want it to. So, no.
So I can understand-- If it was just a question of what you want, not what Faerie wants, would your answer change? Are there people who you'd want as your counselors?
Yes and no. The ones I thought I wanted: some have lives that I have chosen to let go of, chosen to stay away as they are very happy. For instance, when Rel refused the Duke of Magic position, in my heart I thought it would be because of the ground-work I had laid in the Rites of War. That was a prideful thing to do. He needed to be made whole first, himself and Ascerbus needed to be balanced and at peace. He needed to learn so much more about himself, about his friends, and whom he loved. He left Tuath Fasach and returned to Chimeron's kingdom halls. He started a nation. He took on an apprentice. He became a knight. He finally married his lady love, Makela Darkwillow, and they are expecting in a large way a faerie girl. Rel has since gone away for studies repeatedly in the Tower between Places... He could still be the Counselor of Fire and Earth, it is true, but he is an example of many other things in Life calling on him, depending on him. How could I ask him to leave behind that which makes him whole and happy to defend against Bedlam, where he is? (chuckling comes forth from the professor, though it is not his own) Besides, there is still the slight animosity from my previous cycle and his own that gets in our way. Perhaps we were never meant to be Counselors again. That could be why I'm Queen, and not Her Champion as I wished. (a wave of sadness, yet Atticus smiles) Life is strange.
Ahh. It's a shame that Rel isn't able to be present. I think he would be a great boon to us all, if he could stand up as the Druid now. However, I think I understand. Once one or more of the counselors fill their roles, will they be able to influence the nature of the system? That is, things like what the others must do to fill one of the roles, how hard it is, the names of the roles, etc.
Who set up the manner in which the original counselors can be replaced? (Was it Rosetta, Rosetta and Masks, all five, or someone else?)
To that, I am unsure. Some say Rosetta's will came through the Mysts anyway, and set it up. Some say Faerie. Some say Harkon himself so Titania could have an easier time of it, and there are still more stories. I don't know the answer.
Are the Five Counselors meant to work together at times for the good of the Queen?
Are the people working together to full the roles meant to work together-- That is, potential Dreamers working with potential Druids, and so forth? At the moment, it seems more like a competition, or a perpetual argument.
Yes. You see who can and cannot work with others, and weed from there.
Does the selection process do anything weed out people who can't work together? Or could these people screw up, and end up selecting five people who don't work together?
There are some who just cannot work with others, it is true. But if there is one being in particular that all beings shun, who won't even speak with Faerie, who rabble-rouses and digs in heels rather than helps, if there is one who only thinks 'what do I get' ... these are not team-workers. I work with a team, and if they will not listen to each other, I know they will not listen to me. (Atticus's face seems darkly angry for a moment about this one, although it wasn't his.) I don't have time to play Diplomat or smooth over hurt feelings, or to deal with 'he said, she said' bullshit within my Counselors. Bedlam won't care, either.
Agreed. It sounds like it is possible for counselors to be selected who can't work together, but it will be terrible if that happens. I hope they can begin to understand that, and start working together now. Once the Five Counselors are chosen, do they have any power to change the nature of their roles and the council?
Does that mean I will be able to change my color back to Red? (Atticus "said" this with a wink on his face.)
Phew! (Atticus laughs.)Why is Miranda-- and presumably Antioch-- interested in all of this?
I don't know whom Miranda is, but Minerva is Antioch's daughter, a goddess of dreams and stories. In her mind, The Story you people are writing for The Five Counselors is the penultimate tale... she'll see it through to the end.
(Atticus laughs, and blushes.) Goodness, yes, I meant Minerva. And I think I understand better, just knowing her role-- As opposed to just who her father is. ...I'm planning to start setting the other potential counselors straight, as well as I can, about some of the facts you have taught me. Do you object to me going in and playing "Uncle Atticus with a Message from The Queen" to try to get them on the same page?
You may certainly try, but realize that Magnus has done this. Janus has done this. Harlest has done this. Quazar has done this. James Swift. Gideon. Demetria Highwater. Laurante. Faelinn. Gray. Aven. They have yet to listen to each other, Atticus. (I saw a hand placed on his, and yet nothing there?! - Aven) I wish you the very best of luck, for my name does not carry weight over here, but see who feels 'threatened' behind closed doors.
I will have to think on this. The problem I need to solve is that they need to know these things, but the bigger hurdle may well be making them believe it if I tell them. I think the biggest problem there is just how many people are vying for these roles-- Five people can sit down and come to an agreement or understanding-- twenty-five usually can't. ...I want to make sure I have the five roles basically right. Is this close? The Blue One protects and nurtures, acting as a mother or a shield. The Purple one thinks and acts, changing the world with magic and logic and emotion. The Red one is a force of nature-- creation and destruction. The Green one Creates and Designs, somewhere between the Purple and the Red in a sense. The many-colored one Dreams and Imagines, and in so doing makes things real.
In its most simplistic form... yes, I believe that is an apt descripton... (seems surprised) Though I've never had anyone call it a 'mother' before. Never.
I am glad to know I am not totally confused about the roles of the counselors. I wonder which one I will turn out to be-- The "Mage" seems most likely, but at their heart I think the "Inventor" and "Druid" and even the "Dreamer" are much like me. I look forward to understanding better as time passes.

(That's all I got on this for now. They seem oddly close for two beings from different places that never truly met... - Aven)
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