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Last One

Type of Missve: General Realms
Date: October 26th, 1010 M.R.
Responses: Unknown

During the Black and White Ball I posted, upon the hall and at the end of the path I laid before the 5 Counselors, my final poem as Outsider. I will now share it with those of you who were unable to attend the ball and also for those who did attend but did not get receive a copy.

Outsider, Antagonist, Vigilant Guide
Should you really hide

White without Black within
Through you we remain therein

Find the morrow and call the hallow
Reveal the Ball and know no sorrow

One enshrouds Five Five enshrouds one
Through you we make it done

A shape contained by your will
Gather true with goodwill

Others bicker stumble and play
Through you we see the way

Outsider, Antagonist, Vigilant Guide
Do you really hide


If you wish to know why I have chosen the role of Outsider feel free to seek me out and ask.

If you believe you would like to step into the story and join the ranks of the Dreamer, Mage, Inventor, Druid, or Defender. Seeks them out and they will talk with you, but know that while Dreamer and Defender have 5. Do not feel discouraged from their path because it may be that one or more may decide to step down or change roles and will need you to step up to fill their place.

As to the Bard and anyone who wishes to be a Bard. The existence of this role was only found out by many of us recently this year and as such very little is known. One attempts to walk the path now, but I'm certain more may as well. I know many have filled the role in the past. It's a role that requires a great deal of skill because you must be able to record and retell the Story as accurately as possible. I believe there is more though, but I can not tell you what with certainty at this time. I hope to find out more on this matter soon. Seek me out so I may pass on any information I find. Seek me out as well if you have any information about the Bard we do not know.

On the Morrow filled with Sorrow five Stories became One,
Laurante D'Rhian
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