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Fighting Back at the Darkness

In the past week, I have been ruminating about what can be done to keep this fight alive. As I am far from a well-seasoned warrior, I have often times felt helpless against the martial nature of the Bois. However, these recent events have reminded me that there is so much more to this war than just physically beating back the darkness. We mush all take a part in preserving culture, maintaining civilization, and being beacons of light to the world so that we remain strong and unified. In order to avoid preaching without giving any real answers, I have compiled a list of ways in which I have been trying to keep light and culture in the Realms, in hopes that you may resonate with some of these and be able to apply them to your personal strengths or situation:
-Devoting myself to being a priestess of Luna, the Light in the Darkness.
-Running or staffing feasts and international gatherings and joining both the Servants' Guild and the Order of the Spoon.
-Dancing around the bonfire with the Dancers' Guild.
-Co-founding the Bardic College and participating in bardic competitions.
-Working to help Queen Nimbus obtain her Five Counselors.
-Joining Chimeron and Clan Rua Thar Cinn and helping to guide our new petitioners.
-Working hard on my Order of the Magi apprenticeship to both Atticus and Zula.
-Joining the University of Highbridge as a student of Divinity.
-Reclaiming my family's lands in Faerie and rebuilding the home that stood there.
-Getting married.
-Starting a new tea house and joining the Tea Masters.
-Learning about the Wellmen and some of their history and technology.
-Writing songs and sharing stories.
-Creating Soul Channel weapons.
-Healing others in combat and solving puzzles on quests.
-Fighting on the Western Flank.
-Maintaining my treat shop.
-Encouraging people to get their gods involved in this fight.
-Loving others and forming strong bonds of friendship and family.

Remember that these are personal to me, and I absolutely understand that whoever reads this may not share my priorities. Some things I've listed may even seem frivolous or silly, but at this point, every skill, every ally, every connection we have is another piece on the playing board, and we need as many as we can get. Also, please do not take this as me trying to flaunt my positions or accomplishments. This is meant to be a list of possible inspiration, not a bragging session. There is still much for me to still do and learn, and I am nowhere near the point where I can even consider resting on my laurels, but I wanted to show that even those of us who are not combat heroes can still find our niche and become useful in this battle.

This past weekend has brought great tragedy and sadness, but also some of the bravest, strongest, and most heroic moments I have ever witnessed. It is clear to me now that our two greatest weapons are hope and light. After this weekend, I have resolved to use these weapons to the best of my ability, and to fight until the very end. Bedlam will not succeed in destroying the civilization we have created, not as long as there are heroes. Now is the time to be those heroes, and to truly do everything in our power to combat the darkness.

May light and love be with you always.
Demetria Highwater
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