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OOC Notes

Vene Potions created are not tradable or stealable. All Vene potions provide 1 use of the spell/effect, even if the spell they simulate normally has more than one casting. Potions can potentially be used on other people and gear. At this point the resultant potions may only be used at Folkestone events and events designated as a Shades event.

One recipe may be learned per event. You may not learn a recipe if you are also learning a magic spell. You will need to keep track of what recipes you know yourself. There are two ways to learn a recipe: Experimentation and Trading.

-Experimentation: Send David Dolph an email (sircallin@comcast.net) with a list of the components/elementum you are experimenting with. These components do not have to be gathered and are not used; this experimentation is part theory-crafting, part substitution and part testing. For example, you would state you are experimenting with 2 Air and 1 Mist. Dave would then let you know if this mix of components yields a recipe. You may do 1 Experimentation after any event you attend, but it must be done within a week after the event. (This process may begin after the next event, Twilight's Dawn on March 3rd.)

-Trading: You can learn a recipe from a person who already knows a recipe.

[Notes on Experimentation: Sometimes you will not gain a recipe, especially as you mix larger amounts of components. All recipes consist of at least one Base Elementum.]

Elementum can be gathered at events, one base Elementum and one Secondary Elementum per event. This gathering does not require any sort of eventholder supervision, but the gathering guidelines must be followed (we are trusting you all on this, game of honor and all that, so don't blow it). If you have alternate ways of gathering Elementum let us know and we'll see if it fits into the theme. Elementum is gathered into potion bottles. Elementum is tradable and stealable.

As already mentioned, most of these processes are self-marshalling. We are trusting everyone to embrace the concept of "sport of honor" on this and not try to cut corners or blatantly cheat. If you have a question on how any of this works feel free to email me (sircallin@comcast.net).
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