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A Legend has Died

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: unknown
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Unto the Realms,

It has been confirmed this weekend that one of the great among us as been obliterated, never to return. Sir Lucas Harkon of Chimeron and of the Fae, Champion of the Fae, Squire to King Oberon, was slain by a Wayland Blade. To those that do not know, there has been a war in the Fae. A Rogue group headed by a person known at this time only as Robin aims to unseat both the Sealie and Unsealie court. Also know the one known as Wayland, although a ghost, has been possessing and willing to train others in his craft, in order to make new Wayland blades.

As witnessed by Queen Meg through the veil Under the Hill, there was a massive strike to Robin's forces one night, with Sir Lucas leading the Left Flank. But Robin's forces had a surprise for them and one of them, or perhaps more, began to swing "Wayland", obliterating the body and souls of the Fae they touched with the blades. As that all the old Wayland blades are accounted for save those destroyed, we are fairly certain this Rogue army have in their possession at least one new Wayland blade. The battle, as you can imagine, was hard fought and was brutal. When it was over, Sir Lucas could not be found.

When I heard of the news, we spent our magics to confirm the whereabouts of Sir Lucas, in the Hope he may have been captured, wounded or simply unfound as can be the case in a large battle. But it is to my great sorrow that we have confirmed the Sir Lucas was indeed struck down by a sword of Wayland, his body and his soul annihilated, never to return to the Cycle, to this existence or any other.

It is with a heavy heart that my condolences go out to his wife, Dame Shalindra Harkon. I ask all that knew him, knew of him, to take a moment and in your way to remember this great man. I have no words that can convey my feelings of loss and sorrow. But I can say this:

I King, Sir Pyr Thalax, claim the Rite of Vengeance. I will find out more about Robin, his army and the one that swung the blade. I will be entering the Fae with any that will take up arms with me and I will destroy this rogue army that to unseat the Sealie and Unsealie court which shall give them power over and way into our Realm. And when the One is found that has killed my friend, he is to be held, so that I may take my own Wayland to him, or if he is not Fae, enact upon him the violence necessary and equal to that which as been done to me and mine.

I ask not for allegiance. I ask all and any to follow my lead, willingly, without need for lien or obligation. I ask you to fight, to bleed and, in the memory of what Sir Lucas believed in, destroy this Rogue force.

But for now, I ask you take time to grieve for a man who deserved to be reincarnated and certainly, were he not Fae, be sung to the Summerlands. But he is no more. Grieve for the silence and the finality of his death. For now I shall say no more and grieve in my own way, and prepare.

Death Before Dishonor,
King Sir Pyr Thalax
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Knight of Eagle's Rook
Knight of Fairhaven
Champion of Teng Hua
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