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I'm showing you a place. A wooden structure. It's where you've been contained for the time being. Or maybe its not wood. Maybe it's stars. Maybe its starlight? Being contained is never a good thing. Too much power. Too much pressure.

Sky and Space.

What does it really mean? To what purpose? What is the story of Masks? Why did he have a servant? Why did Masks go away? How did that happen? Why should anyone take over the position of the Counselor of Sky and Space? Won't that mean that they're spread too thin?

Do you hear me? Do you hear my words? I have helped so much already, and still they do not understand. They twist the words, not even five paces away from me.

You cannot come to me, but there is one who I will use as a medium, though she hates it so. She has a story to tell. Seek out the gray elf at the Yuletide, after the Father issues the swords. Listen to her words, and have patience, for there is a lot of emotion there.

The story is personal, and as a Dreamer, you should listen and not speak, but offer the comfort of your presence, yourself, your arms, your ability to make one smile, because in this story, you learn about your second task, and the WRONG way to go about it.

And this will be a sign unto you: a Dreamer among you has already done this, and wounded the gray elf deeply. And yet you all, at your own time, after the swords, must hear this story, and know what your second task is, and how much power your words wield.

Not Runes.


This was sent the eighth of December, 1010 M.R., not much more than two years later of me taking the job of a Mage Path-walker. This was sent, using me as the channeler, to the other Dreamers. This spoke of how to make the prisons for souls, how it happened to the former Sir Iawen Penn and how the Dreamer, Phoenix Rose did it all to her out of love for another man at the time(a Mage named Lord Valas Baneshot). The problem being is that not a one of them truly listened to the story after all, because the second task was told, was shown... and when they finally went up against Midoru, not a single one of them had crafted any prison to hold him whatsoever. Of all of them, Phoenix Rose had the most knowledge of this, and yet her constant complaints of her 'being useless' proved to be truth-telling because she sabotaged herself and did nothing. It was sad; the Dreamers being the first selected, that they are the ones from here on out to be the role models... this does not bode well for us. - Aven
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