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'Gifts', a bit-more in-depth

Thank you once again, Dame Faelinn, for taking all my letters and documents and filing them as you see fit. Praise be to Aurora who keeps these from Black Star eyes and keeps them out of the Library! - Aven

The Defender Servant is in the Mysts.
The Defender place is atop a hill, where water and sky meet.
The Defender gift/cup is in Nimbus' hands.
The Defender weapons are in Freesia's hands...almost.
The Defender wand is missing and I am unsure where it is. - November 4th, 1010 M.R., Magnus HeavyHammer

The Servant was (and could still be) named Cirrus. She was not just a Servant, however, but a lover/companion to Nimbus as well from the First Age.
The Defender's Place, the old one, was a-top a hill, where Water and Sky met. A piece of that Place was in an Egg or Seed bestowed on this cycle's Rel Zhirah, who planted it in Argyll, and thus a Tower sprung up, of which he has the key. No one has ventured inside it since its creation, and knows not what it contains.
The Defender's Chalice (which I don't understand why people call it a gift/cup, yes the original Black Star Guild made it for them, but that is besides the point) is part of a pair, it is safe with the King and Queen of Faerie.
The Defender's weapons were Niall's Tears, a sword made of crystallized tears, it is said; and a shield that would manifest its self after one attuned to it. Or maybe it was the other way around? In either case, Dame Freesia, Magnus HeavyHammer, and Dame Faelinn were able to recover it. Magnus has it currently. (July 22nd 1011 M.R.)
The Defender Wand sits with one Atticus, of the Magi of the Realms, still not restored to the height of its power.
The Defender's Bond: Nimbus eventually worked/bonded to a Cnuic na Sidhe named Niall. - Aven

The Inventor Servant is ... complicated. I'm not 100% clear on how
much it was a living fae elf, and how much she was a construct built
for Gwydion. Likely before she pushed off the fae equivalent of mortal
toil she created a reasonable facsimile of herself to continue
Gwydion's work. Said construct was almost definitely lost in the
tower, but the servant may not be beyond reach. Again, apologies for
being enigmatic, I can elaborate more at individual requests, but it
only gets more garbled for me.

The Inventor place was a tower on an island. If it is not beyond
recovery, it likely will be soon. It had to be destroyed to seal a
bedlam gate which opened at its base.

The Inventor gift/cup... may be several things, Some held by me, some
by others. I have Gwydion's cup, but suspect the gift to be something

The Inventor weapon(s) are uncertain. I've heard rumor of a hammer,
but that may be a tool of other origins. It's also a distinct
possibility that the inventor's 'weapon' is something far less
traditional in nature. I believe that may be a distinct possibility
for several councilors.

The Inventor wand was previously believed to be in Mythguard, but it
is now thought that is a wand of some other nature. - November 4th, 1010 M.R., Sir Gideon of Coventry

The Servant was a sea elf, whose name is now lost in time and space. She did indeed allow Gwydion to experiment on her from time to time, because she wished to do nothing but serve him well. After the Tower's sinking, she attempted to continue his work, but Death came to claim her. Distraught, her ghost never cycled and she haunted the Tower until adventurers put her to rest back in 1009.
The Tower was sunk by Rosetta, but Abominations (creatures beyond and outside Space) were actually what poured forth, NOT Bedlam. This needs to be stated very hard because Bedlam *now* is not how it was then, and people should not fear that which happened in the past. But, originally it rested on an island in the middle of a large body of water, which now if you actually managed to go to the Fae Plane portion of it, it is called Bay Mnemosyne, that is the Bay of Memories. At any rate, in 1009, Laurante and Gideon (under orders from the Queen) re-sank the tower after it rose once more.
The Inventor's Chalice is with Gideon.
The Inventor's Weapon was a Hammer.
The Inventor's Wand actually doubled as a lever. This lever was used to open the main door to allow people to enter the lower levels of the Tower. It has since sunk to the bottom of the sea, so I doubt it can be recovered and restored.
Gwydion bonded to no Deep Fae, although a Giantsquid he did tame as an old man in Faerie. - Aven

The Dreamer's Gifts:

The Wand has been spoken for
The Servant is currently believed to be Harlest
The Place is likely within the Dreaming, and I have reason to believe that I and others have been there in the past. It was dangerous however, and not a place to venture alone. I haven't looked for it again in a long time, so I'm not sure if it survived Masks' cycling. Even if it is lost though, we should take the words Laurante said for inspiration, and realize that these can be our gifts as well, a new Place could be made.
The Bond - I have no information on the Dreamer's
The Weapon - Also no information, but I somehow doubt it was overly conventional. - Tillion Bluemoon, November 4, 1010 M.R.

The Servant was Harlest for Masks, a one-tailed black kitsune pup that has since cycled (possibly many times, possibly the once, who knows) into the Harlest we know today. He was named Harlest by Masks, after the Counselor heard the name from a traveling mortal.
- Now, it is said that a servant of Masks could only release him, using his true name and real name and such work. Servant with a small 's', which meant another Dreamer, a path-walker of Sky and Space. Aymise did an amazing job, and I miss her work; it was not insignificant in the slightest.
I think The Wand has since had all of itself repaired, and is with Johan.
The Place, you can still get to in the Dreaming, it is just a really, really hard Place to be. If you're not emotionally prepared, you get wrecked pretty easily as it forces you to take a hard look at your past, the way things presently are to you (hidden or in plain sight) and shows you the potential futures. Masks made this Place, but over the years so many Path-walkers have used it... did you know that when a Path-walker dies or leaves the path, their names are actually placed on a gravestone within the place? That's why there are so many (and while you are active, you will never see your name there).
The Bond - Masks was a Cnuic na Sidhe, and bonded himself to the love of his life, Queen Mab.
The Weapon - Masks was really non-confrontational, but when it *had* to happen, he opted for distractions so the others could move in. Thus, Gwydion made him a few things to 'fling', such as a magical deck of cards, small throwing knives, missiles that could carry a more magical punch, not to mention the bag of ideas that whenever Masks reached his hand in there to grab something to throw, there it was and then he threw it, whatever it was. This bag has since been lost to time, never to return. Pretty sure all the rest of the weaponry was stored in that bag, too, so Masks no longer has any weapon to recover.
The Chalice is the OTHER Half of the pair of chalices with the King and Queen of Faerie. Together, these chalices make one tell the truth. It overflows from their lips, like much meade from a cup. It's an eye-opener at times.

Also, we don't really need to worry about this grouping anymore: Johan's the new Counselor of Sky and Space! Huzzah! - Aven

The Mage's gifts are somewhat unknown, unfortunately. The Servant may have been the one who originally covered Chimeron in the Mysts, but that is uncertain. In any case, its whereabouts are unknown. The Place has not yet been seen, however, I believe I have its key. The Chalice, while not one of the Five Gifts, is in my possession. The Bond has not been seen. The Weapon was a dagger, but also has not been seen. The Wand appeared once in the Dreaming, in my hands, but has not been seen physically. The complete lack of actually physically finding any of the five gifts leads me to wonder whether they were hidden away in any form during Rosetta's imprisonment. - Ged, November 4th, 1010 M.R.

The Servant of Rosetta was Domino the Changeling. This same Domino has cycled many times, and is now the Changeling(Shape-shifting) Duke of Magic, very much UnSeelie. He is very much still loyal to Rosetta, but Faerie comes first now that he is the Duke of Magic (meaning the King and Queen). He's been challenged for his position by Ged Loremipsum in December of 1010; I am unsure how or if it resolved. The Servant of Rosetta also had a wand. As I haven't seen Duke Domino recently carrying it, I'm unsure if he does still have it from long ago.
I'm as mystified about The Place as the others.
The Bond was horrible, not to a Deep Fae, but to a Greater Being, beyond Space. Completely alien to us, and terrible and mind-destroying.
As for the Chalice, there were two. Ged Loremipsum gained his early, but it was never as strong as it could be. Valas Baneshot technically owned the other one, but before it could be recovered and given to the other half, Ged Loremipsum and former BSG Torch Member Oslem had a rough argument and the latter shattered it so Ged could not get his hands on it. Thus, Rosetta's Chalice will never be as strong as it could have been.
The Weapon is both a Dagger (what Gwydion made Rosetta) AND a Bejeweled Tome (because no Mage is ever without their spells on hand).
The Wand is with Mythguard, still broken (shoots only a couple of fireballs, if that) and un-repaired. - Aven
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