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Copy of Magnus' Journal Entry

It came to pass that Melinda Woods was killed in the Auroran Temple at Pinewood, Folkestone.
Arriving there, I cast light and went to enter the temple. I was able to enter the temple; but my light spell immediately failed and I felt as though someone had upended the world. After getting my footing, I was able to view the surroundings. Light had turned to dark, blood to a slime green ichor, and on the altar to the Lady was her Priestess; dead or so I thought.

The priestess had her throat sliced open and had been part of a ritual of sorts. She was not dead however. She was undead.
As a spell caster, I attempted to heal her; but my magic of healing turned from Healing to Pain/Undeath. The place was corrupted beyond my comprehension.
Melinda told me to leave.

I would not leave her. Not there. Not like that.
I carried her body outside, into the Light. My intention had been to heal her out in the light, away from the corruption. It didn't work. As before, Pain and undeath.
At a loss for what to do, I called on the Goddess of Light herself for aid.

In brief, she told me that the priestess had absorbed negative energy from the temple corruption. That in order to heal her, I must kill her first to release the energy.
I did so. And raised her the next morning, as my healing magic had been expended that day.

Syruss of Grimloch, Baledor, Twen, Shane and Quayloth of Folkestone appeared the next morning to help me.
There was a gate inside the temple. A gate to a plane of existence full of undeath and corruption. To remove the gate, we needed to cast Disenchant on it.
After some time and discussion, we re-entered the temple. We found a number of undead husks wandering in front of the gate. Until we had arrived, they were not sure what to do. Seeing a way out; they attempted to flee. We quickly closed the gate and then with the aid of some Divine Intervention slaughtered the undead in cleansing fire.

Later we rededicated the temple using my copy of Cain's Journal Entry related to the Dedication of Auroran temples.

There has been a similar attack on a Justari Temple in Ivory. I have taken a squad of Ivory guards and some Templars and along with the aid of Gwen, cleared out that temple as well.
The same corruption and murder. Same gate. Same undead. This guys is starting to annoy me.

Ultimately these attacks are being done by Greer. One of the Bain circles. More are likely to come.
We must be ready.
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